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Battle Rating Rules and Info

doulieMar 25, 2016

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    Battle Rating Rules
    Perfect Pokemon's BR System Rules and Info

    These are the rules for the up-coming battle rating system on Perfect Pokemon. This information is subject to revision, please check back often for changes.

    How to Use

    1. Add your 3DS Friend Code to your profile. Click: - scroll down to the friend code box, enter your FC and save.

    2. Click the 'Battle' tab in the navigation bar to queue for a battle or find a battle.

    3. Click the 'Ladder' tab to view this seasons current rankings for all tiers.

    4. Challenge a fellow community member by clicking the challenge button next to their avatar on the battle page. Or via the challenge button on their user card/profile.

    Things to know

    1. You can have up to a maximum of 3 pending challenges

    2. You cannot partake in a battle, before reporting the results of your previous battle.

    3. Battle rating is calculated after the second player reports the result of a battle.

    4. There is a 5 minute time out that accepts the first player's reported results if the second player never responds.

    5. Unanswered pending challenges are automatically dismissed after 15 minutes.


    1. Incorrectly reporting the results of a battle will cause your account to be banned.

    2. Save the VS recorded code for all rated battles. Admins will need this if a revision is necessary.

    3. Disconnecting during a battle counts as a loss.

    Battle Ratings

    Your Battle Rating (BR - displayed on your usercard and profile) is you highest current rating in any tier

    Your team's rating is an average of the top 10 highest players on your team.


    Each tier has its own unique rating, based on your win/loss ratio and the level of competitors you've faced in that tier.

    Season 1 - Conquerors Will

    Read more about the OU Tier here:

    Read more about the NU Tier here:

    Read more about the UU Tier here:

    Read more about the VGC Tier here:

    Read more about the NFE Tier here:
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