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Best way to level up pokemon go?

Discussion in 'Pokemon Go' started by DragonShake, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. DragonShake

    DragonShake Youngster Joey

    What is the most succesful way to level up in pokemon go?
  2. doulie

    doulie King of the Ring Staff Member Admin

    My fav way.

    Find a populated area with 3 or more Pokestops close to each other.
    The more cellular activity around you, the more Pokemon will spawn, so make sure there are other people around.
    Pop a lucky egg and modules on the Pokestops and enjoy a constant stream of Pokemon spawns.
    Grab the Pokestops every 5 mins and catch everything that spawns.


    Catch as many 12 candy evolution pokemon as you can. (Pidgeys, Caterpies, and Weedles.) - Pop a lucky egg and get in as many evolutions as you can. The evolution animation takes ~40 seconds. So you can usually get in about 30-50 evolutions in 1 lucky egg use. Its 1000 exp per evolution and you can do this at home before bed, just save your catches from throughout the day.

    General leveling tips

    - Catch everything you see, even if you just xfer it after
    - Open every Pokestop you come across, even if your bags are full
    - Spend your pokecoins on lucky eggs
  3. Hazama

    Hazama Pokémon Champion Trusted Seller Badge

    After the most recent update, evolution take less time to happen, so mass leveling+ lucky egg is a very good right now. But as usual these are very good tips. Stockpiling evolutions for the week is another way but I can hardly get myself to do it, as I get impatient and want to evolve my new pokemon early. Another way to add would be saving Poke'coins from defender bonus to get a bunch of incubators. You could set them up to go off all at the same time, and pop a lucky egg, then evolve some things afterwards to top it off. But this is hard for people in highly contested areas, where the gym changes hands extremely quickly.

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