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Box Legendary Details and New Features

Discussion in 'Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon' started by notsoclutch, Jun 2, 2016.

Which legendary seems more appealing with the new info unveiled today?

  1. Lunala

    3 vote(s)
  2. Solgaleo

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  1. notsoclutch

    notsoclutch Rare Breed Let It Reign Battler Donor

    New footage recently released brings some very interesting info forward about the box art legendaries for Pokemon Sun and Moon (as well as confirming some old information).

    The Sun legendary Solgaleo is a psychic/steel type (the sun legendary is weak to fire lololol....edit: Pokemon with the ability Full Metal Body (a Pokémon’s stats will not be lowered by the effects of an opponent’s moves or Ability; similar to clear body). Solgaleo can use the new special move Sunsteel Strike. It's unclear exactly what this move does, but it appears to be fairly strong and is neutral to dragon (meaning it likely isn't a fire move and I'm leaning steel based on the name alone).

    The Moon legendary Lunala is a psychic/ghost type (the moon legendary is weak to dark...interesting typings) Pokemon with the ability Shadow Shield (a Pokémon will take less damage from an attack that lands when the Pokémon has full HP; similar to multiscale). Lunala can use the new special move Moongeist Beam. It is again unclear what the move does, however, it did hit Gengar super effectively (likely meaning it's either ghost or psychic and I'm personally leaning ghost from the name).

    A few new features were also announced. QR integration now allows you to add Pokemon to your dex and find them in game by scanning a QR code. There's a new rotom form (not sure if it's a battle ready form or not) that takes a hold of your pokedex. This allows your Rotom-P to talk to you about things within the Pokedex.

    A couple new character details were also displayed. The professor is named Kukui and has a mysterious assistant named Lillie. The friend shown in the first trailer is named Hau.

    Last but not least, mark your calendars for June 14th, 15th and 16th. On the 14th, there will be a Nintendo Treehouse releasing new information and talking to devs about the game. On the 15th, there will be a Q&A session for Pokemon Go. On the 16th, there will be a special E3 Pokemon direct. All three of these events will likely yield new information, so keep your eyes peeled.

    Feel free to offer up any new info to add to the OP and discuss the new info guys. :D

    Sources: and The Official Pokémon Channel

    Side Note: Based on very very rough estimates that make a ton of assumptions, Solgaleo's base HP should be around 135.
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  2. Cheza

    Cheza Fabulous Fruit Team Elite Will Not Fall Trusted Seller Badge Smaug Journalist Friendzilla Donor

    While I prefer sleeping and nighttime, I'll be getting Pokemon Sun. The box art + legendary are more appealing to me. I honestly don't care for Lunala AT ALL. And I love bats?! Idk it's just not a nice Pokemon...

    So I favour Solgaleo, the non fire type, Psychic/Steel Pokemon Sun legendary. I agree with you that Sunsteel Strike is likely a steel type move.

    And while I pick on the Sun&Moon female trainer, I think she's adorable! Dora the Explorer + Turkey Hat and all <3

    edit: also, it seems Nintendo loved the art for Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby so much that they created a second tropical region??? ;)
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