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DomCMar 23, 2018

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    Nov 26, 2017
    Welcome to my shop.
    My Friend Code Is: 1994-1366-7048
    My In Game Name Is: Campos

    •I can only trade in Pokemon Sun / Moon.... for now.

    To order or contact me you can post in this thread, or Join my Discord:
    When You Order Please also tell me your Friend Code and your in game name

    Custom Ditto (available shiny): [60 PC]
    Custom IVs, EVs, Nature...
    Buy 3 free 1
    Custom Pokemon (available Shiny): [80 PC]
    Buy 3 free 1

    Choose the move set, ability, EVs, IVs...
    No Legendary, Or Event Pokemon
    Legendary Pokemon (No Shiny): [150 PC]
    Buy 2 Free 1
    Shiny Legendary: [200 PC]
    Buy 3 free 1

    If anything goes wrong I will redo it and give you a gift as an apology

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