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Elite Four (Sewage) NFE - Issue Challenge Here!

SewageJul 27, 2016

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    Dec 14, 2014
    Elite Four - NFE

    Greetings challengers; welcome to Perfect Pokemon's Elite Four!
    Once you have obtained a minimum of 8 gym badges, you may post below to issue a challenge. As a result of your victory, you will earn yourself the badge below with the first color, or gain an additional color if you already have achieved an E4 win.


    Battles will take place in the NFE tier. Please refer to the Perfect Pokemon tier list for eligible pokemon. Battles will follow Perfect Pokemon NFE rules. Please remember we do still make use of the Item Clause in the NFE tier. Good luck!

    ***No showdown battles will be accepted!***

    Please refer to the main E4 thread in this sub-forum for more info.


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