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FT For Trade: Shiny Zygarde

Leonidas24Dec 31, 2018

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    Dec 31, 2018
    I'm still new to this place, so if you admins out there don't mind, tell me if I did anything wrong yeah?

    I had the strange idea that makes no sense now that I look up on it, but for some reason I once wanted a full team of shiny Zygardes. I have three, (one of which I am keeping) and I'm looking to trade two of them (Note: read the bottom), whether they both be to one person, or two multiple trades, I don't really care which.

    I am looking for any of these shinies, and would prefer to not be offered multiple of the same Pokémon.


    I would prefer the Pokémon not be named, and have English names. Thanks, and I hope we can strike a deal!

    Note: One Zygarde is level 100, and another is level 63. If there are multiple traders, the first one gets dibs on the level 100.

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