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Nuzlocke Pokemon X - The Mysterious Virus

Discussion in 'Nuzlocke Adventures' started by Zakair, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Zakair

    Zakair Pokémon Trainer

    i was inspired by @batmanrises to start my own nuzlocke story. this is my 1st time ever attempting a nuzlocke challenge AND my first fan fiction. im going to post the pokemon nick names below and the rules i follow.

    1. if a pokemon faints its dead, realease it.
    2. the 1st pokemon i find will be the one i catch
    3. NO PC! thats right only the party and 2 pokemon for the daycare

    If you would like to name a pokemon comment below. Also, donations are apreciated weither they be eggs or low level pokemon. just please have 5ivs at least.

    Spot 1 - Chestly (Female Chespin)
    Spot 2 -
    Spot 3 -
    Spot 4 -
    Spot 5 -
    Spot 6 -

    Daycare 1 -
    Daycare 2 -

    I will be posting chapter 1 soon but heres an idea of what the storylines like.

    "Long ago a virus plagued Kanto causing pokemon that faint to mysteriously die. Then after 10 years the virus had mysteriously vanished... over 100 years later the virus has returned and one young man will rise to fight the dark plague... Will he end the nightmare? ..or be consumed by it..."
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  2. Etho9726

    Etho9726 Pokémon Trainer

    Good idea
  3. batmanrises

    batmanrises Pokémon Trainer

    Nice idea, @Zakair
    I am glad to hear that I inspired you. I would love to name a pokemon. I can get a 5IV Pokemon for you. How do I get it to you?
  4. Zakair

    Zakair Pokémon Trainer

    just add my fc and ill trade for it :)

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