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Offering: Own Tempo Rockruff, Hidden Ability Rowlet

VonnikerNov 1, 2018

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    Jun 18, 2018
    So I still have four Own Tempo Rockruff eggs, and I've started breeding Long Reach Rowlets.

    The Rockruffs are bred for stats and will be hatched with Stone Edge, Thrash, Fire Fang, and Thunder Fang. I'm trading eggs so you get to be the OT.

    I only have one Long Reach Rowlet available so far. He's a male, with perfect 31 IVs for defense, special defense, and speed. He hatched with the egg move Defog, which he inherited from his Swanna sire.

    My FC is 1736 5965 1973 and I'll be on today until around 2 pm. I might be around this weekend, but more likely sometime next week.

    I don't need anything in particular in return, but if you like, feel free to check my wishlist on my profile under, "information."

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