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    Welcome To My Store
    I have the lowest prices guaranteed (I will price match other stores)
    I build upon criticism, so please offer comments in order to improve my store.

    Follow These Steps To Place An Order:
    1. Please Copy The Format I Have Made Below And Paste Into Your Message
    2. Directly Message Me By Clicking My Name (PharaohEdge)

    EVs: Level:
    Move Slot 1 -
    Move Slot 2 -
    Move Slot 3 -
    Move Slot 4 -

    Special Requests:

    Other Ways Of Purchasing Pokemon:
    (Make Sure You Follow The Same Format Listed Above)

    Email: [email protected]
    Phone Number: (801) 673-4695

    Unsure What You Should Have On Your Desired Pokemon?
    Don't worry, Pokemon experts have already created a list of competitive Pokemon.

    Steps In Order To Get Those Pokemon From That Website:
    Step 1: Click the link above or right here:
    Step 2:
    Click on the Pokemon you wish to have
    Step 3: Scroll down on the page and click "Export" (Right Hand Side Of Page) (Notice there are multiple exports per page depending on the way you use that Pokemon in battle)
    Step 4: Copy and send that Export to me by clicking on my name (PharaohEdge)

    1 - 125 PC
    6 - 400 PC
    7 or More - Make an Offer
    Refund Policy

    I will only allow you to refund your purchase if you have not received your Pokemon. However, if your Pokemon needs to be fixed for any reason, I would be glad to do so.
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