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    GYMS are currently CLOSED (12/03/2022)
    How It Works:
    - Perfect Pokémon will hold a new season of the PokéGym challenge with each new generation of the game, bringing exclusive gym badges for you to earn! ( the start of a new season will have its own official announcement post)
    - All available gyms for the season will have a thread in this forum. Challenge a gym by replying to the thread ( the active Gym leader for that gym may accept your challenge)
    - After a defeat or victory, the Gym leader will post their challengers/winners to the thread
    - Victors are awarded their badge after defeating a Gym leader
    - Your badges for the current gym season show up under your avatar ( gym badges from previous seasons will be displayed on your profile)
    - If defeated by a Gym leader, you must wait at least 3 days to challenge that gym again for a badge
    - Some Pokemon are not allowed in the PokéGym Challenge, please adhere to our community banlist: here

    While You Are A Gym Leader:
    - If challenges exist for badges, you have to accept at least 1 badge challenge every 3 days
    - Inactive Gym leaders will forfeit his/her position
    and cannot be reinstated as a Gym leader for a minimum waiting period of 7 days, during this waiting period the position may be filled by another aspiring Gym leader ( unless the Gym leader explicitly states that he/she will be unavailable for a certain period of time)
    - Gym leaders cannot become champion
    - Gym leaders MUST post their challengers/winners after each battle
    - Gym leaders will be awarded the title of "Gym Leader" and the privileges to award badges ( Gym leaders are only permitted to award the badge corresponding to their gym type after they have been defeated following a formal challenge)


    - Gym leaders must follow the appropriate Monotype clause ( 6 Pokémon with the same type. Dual typing is allowed, but they must all share a common type with the exception of a terastallized Pokemon)
    - Gym leaders are allowed the use of terastallization, your Pokémons tera type does not need to follow the Monotype clause

    - Badges will not be awarded without formal challenges. Formal challenges can only be issued in the gym threads (not home page shoutbox).
    - Both Gym leaders and challengers must adhere to the following:
    Sleep Clause (you may not put two of your opponent's Pokémon to sleep)
    Dupe Clause (no more than 1 of the same Pokemon per team)
    Evasion Clause (may not use a move which has the sole effect of raising Evasion, namely Double Team and Minimize)
    - Battles can take place on showdown only if BOTH PARTIES agree to it.
    - Gym leaders cannot use showdown as their ONLY means of battling. Meaning you must have a wifi team ready in case a challenger doesn't use showdown

    - Battle format is chosen and declared by the gym leader at the time of accepting a challenge ( singles, doubles, 4v4, 6v6)

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