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Active [S] Legitimate UK Regionals (Pokemon Go)

ValeAug 28, 2018

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    Aug 28, 2018
    Mr.Mime / Volbeat / Zangoose
    Please read the whole thread before asking questions!
    Price: $5 gets you 2x Mr.Mime OR 2x Volbeat OR one of each. Junk pokemon may also be included if I see anything that may be particularly worth your time - no extra cost there! Additional Mr.Mime/Volbeat cost $1 extra per.

    Level 10 accounts cost $25, read below for more information on that! It's worth the read

    Read further down regarding Zangoose

    When will get your account?: Typical turnaround time is within 24-72 hours, however there may be extreme cases (such as I'm sick, or British weather has decided "no") that it may take longer, I'll edit the thread to reflect that if this happens. All agreements, as per rules, are to be made on this post. Obviously PMing for payment/account details is fine, but please do not PM me to initiate discussion about a sale.

    Are the accounts/pokemon bot generated?: Nope! I make the account (gmail or PTC) and then go out and catch the pokemon - I do not spoof, therefore as long as you wait a few hours after getting your log-in details, there'll be no shady activity associated with the account. Each account has a gmail attached to it, an actual gmail not a throwaway, so if you forget the account password you can actually change it.

    What level will the accounts be?: Between 2-5, as they aren't generated so do not come pre-packaged at level 30, so it's best to use these as a trade throwaway account.

    Can I level the accounts to 10?: Yes! I can. It takes around 2 hours - 2.5 hours. This costs $25 in total, and will include as many regionals as I can catch in that time, not limiting you to 2x or one of each. You will, at the very least, get the pokemon you've requested. Last time I did this I ended up with 7 Mr.Mime, 3 volbeat and a zangoose!

    What about Zangoose?: Zangoose is a surprisingly difficult pokemon to nail down, so as those accounts become available, I'll list them. If you want to be told about when Zangoose becomes available, let me know. It will be a case of first to pay first to get.

    If this is not allowed, please let me know. Cheers! I do not have a "OT/Friend code" for this as I am not trading on a DS game.

    I had an account here with +5 rep that I can't get back into from 2016, PM me if you want the name.
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