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KimopoleisFeb 18, 2017

  1. Kimopoleis

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    Feb 18, 2017
    Alola! :)

    I don't expect these to get implemented soon but here are some ideas!
    • I just learned that you can cash out PokéCredits through Paypal. Might I request to have an option for Nintendo E-Shop Cards as well? Not everyone uses Paypal; This is also for the sake of users who actually want something else in exchange for their hard-earned credits.
    • Abandoned threads should be taken care of. 3 weeks without replies should be closed by the moderators. Of course, the thread and poster should be investigated before taking action.
    • More prefix options (and a way to filter them when clicked) especially for hacked Pokémon threads. Other option ideas: Looking For, For Sale, etc.
    • Additional comments on the prefix system: the Active prefix should not be on every section. Me putting an Active tag on this particular thread, for example, does not make sense and is clickbait-ish.
    • More giveaways!
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  2. Chaos

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    Apr 8, 2014
    - This was asked a thousand times before. Not gonna happen for some reason. Period.

    - No mods/admins are active in the site anymore.

    - Not gonna happen as this site lacks member to warrant the effort.

    - People should close their selling/trading/buying threads if they are completed or leaving the site for good but ain't nobody got time for that. Some mods manually closed inactive threads before but no more mods.

    - There used to be a lot of giveaways like two years ago. For comparison how active the site was before. Chatbox are used to be filled with 80 people every weekend, as of writing this it's currently 9 and 5 of those 9 are sellers.
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