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Suggestion! For Creating a Subcategory/Category for Breeders/Breeded Pokemon

RedQueenIzanamiMay 13, 2016

  1. RedQueenIzanami

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    Feb 9, 2016
    So! I've been noticing that there's no tab or anything for breedject pokemon, (well... you can put them up for trade... but not many people notice them...they'll just kinda get overlooked and lost in the void of...well... overlooked forum posts o.o; ) and there's also no tab for really well breeded mon. (like if you breed in bulk and you have a ton of leftover 5/6IV pokemon @.@ <-people who breed for shinies/for good IV's/for specific Natures) So, I was thinking... maybe we can make a breeder corner/adoption center here! Make a separate tab or something, and when people breed pokemon, and they have a ton leftover, maybe they can donate them to the breeder corner. Maybe they could get a pc even for donating a certain amount.

    Okay, so let me elaborate and kind of explain how it would work; Maybe we can have a Tab called "Breeder Corner", or even just a Subcategory under "Trade" where people can post what they have (their breeded pokemon, how many, so on so forth, stats etc), maybe if there's a certain amount of a specific pokemon (for instance, 2 people post that they have froakie, no one else can post the same pokemon) to keep from overpopulating the site with tons of the same pokemon. It would encourage people to breed more diversely, and it would also help more people complete dex's a lot faster. (Example: Bob needs Carbink, Mime Jr. and Onix to complete the dex, Suzie, Pepperoni's and Jared posted that they have extra they're trying to get rid of, Bob's happy, the rest of them are happy, win win) I also feel like it'll help some people that are trying to help the community by giving out free breeded mons, help out the community easier and not get overlooked. That being said, it'll probably help with the feel of "pc prices are too high for filler mons" if people are just breeding and exchanging filler pokemon in a subcategory. It might also help with alleviating undercutting all together.
    (sorry for not being very concise earlier, I hope that maybe the ideas a bit more clear now :3 I'd love some input on it, or criticism)
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  2. notsoclutch

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    Sep 2, 2014
    I agree. I've thought for a while that it has been a bit too hard for breeders to separate themselves from genners despite there being a market for actual breeding. I don't know if a new tab is the answer (it's already getting tough to sift through everything), but some kind of way to show the difference between one and the other is definitely something that should be looked into.
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