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Tournament: "DOPE"

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by doulie, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. doulie

    doulie King of the Ring Staff Member Admin

    This will be the season's final OU tournament.
    WiFi OU Tournament
    Teams: Black Winter, Draco, ELITE, Leafwind, Nova, Ouroboros, Prism, Railgun, XIT, Zombo, Magikonch, Quasar

    Date: Sun, March 6th 2016
    Time: 5pm EST

    Non-team members are welcomed to join aswell!
    (This is a WiFi tournament. You will need a Nintendo 3ds and a copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire to participate. Battles happen by exchanging friend codes and starting the battle, then reporting the winner to the tournament coordinator (@tournament) who will be online at the time of the tournament.)

    The tournament winner will earn and permanent use of profile cover images for themselves.

    Winner Also Takes 600 PC (or size of pot)
    and the PP Championship Belt

    and the custom user title 'Dope'

    Thank you to this tournament's sponsors
    their additional prizes will be given to the tournament winner, and are listed below.
    Sponsor 1: Apply to sponsor this tournament here
    Sponsor 2: Apply to sponsor this tournament here

    ~ Entry Fee ~

    30 PC to @tournament

    Register by responding to this post.!!!

    ~ Rules ~
    Your team can only contain Pokemon and Items from the OU Tier and below. Your team must also abide by the following clauses:

    Baton Pass Clause (limit 1 user)
    Chicken Clause (Speed Boost Blaziken is banned)
    Endless Battle Clause (Any move that intentionally causes an Endless Battle is banned)
    Evasion Clause (You may not use any moves that solely boost the evasion stat)
    Moody Clause (Any Pokemon on your team cannot have the ability Moody)
    OHKO Clause (Any Pokemon on your team cannot have any One-Hit KO Moves)
    Sleep Clause (You may only set one of your opponent's Pokemon to sleep at a time. If you have a Pokemon asleep and you use a self-inflicting move like Rest, this will not disqualify your opponent)
    Species Clause (You may not have have more than one of the same Pokemon on your team)
    6v6 Battles
    Follow the Fight:

    Please be punctual.
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  2. Bruh

    Bruh Pokémon Trainer

    1   0   0
    I gotta do it. Its dope.
  3. Chem

    Chem Pokémon Trainer Dex Contributor

    6   0   0
    im in
  4. Matt_192

    Matt_192 Official Server Crasher Will Not Fall Journalist Friendzilla Donor Dex Contributor Iron Will

    I might enter, it depends on how long it takes me to replay ORAS and gen a team after I broke my save Q_Q
    Bruh likes this.
  5. Agent Antz

    Agent Antz Secret Agent Man

    0   0   0
    This is gonna be dope.
    I'm down.
  6. Dead_Red

    Dead_Red Pokémon Trainer

    Dang it everyone took all the good dope jokes. Im in i guess. Should be dope...
  7. Nenkendo

    Nenkendo Youngster Joey

    0   0   0
    why cant thises be on a saturday

    but it dont mattre its a public holiday so im in
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2016
  8. Spyro2013

    Spyro2013 Youngster Joey

    0   0   0
  9. jman9915

    jman9915 Youngster Joey

    0   0   0
    I'm in

    Im in
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  10. BigTimeBrownie

    BigTimeBrownie Pokémon Trainer

    5   1   0
  11. Arceusrsz

    Arceusrsz Pokémon Trainer

    2   0   0
    in it to win it. first tourney in a while.
  12. tsumagi

    tsumagi Youngster Joey

    0   0   0
    I can actualy participate this time :D
  13. lws

    lws Youngster Joey

    0   0   0
    i'm in
  14. cj-97

    cj-97 LUCIOBAAALLLLLLL! Will Not Fall Trusted Seller Badge King of the Ring Iron Will

    Guess who's in?
    <---- This guy right here
  15. Dace

    Dace Calculator Brain Will Not Fall Donor

    If participation is still open, I'm in.
  16. Akaji

    Akaji Youngster Joey

    I'd like to join
  17. notsoclutch

    notsoclutch Rare Breed Let It Reign Battler Donor

  18. Niqyue

    Niqyue Fire Starter

    15   0   0
    I'm in this too!
  19. GiaQuando

    GiaQuando The Great Tactician Will Not Fall Trusted Seller Badge Smaug Friendzilla Donor Dex Contributor Iron Will

    I am in got a banner to earn xD
  20. ericashes

    ericashes Pokémon Master Will Not Fall Journalist Dex Contributor

    sent pc already.

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