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UNDERdecodedMar 17, 2018

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    Jan 31, 2017
    Thanks for checking out my store, ive been selling Pokemon for a while on other platforms and im looking to expand my store. I mainly use ebay but ive been looking into this site and reddit for a while. I also do custom orders if you dont see something you'd like on my options. You can also check my ebay store to see what I have selling at this moment.

    • Legendary Pokemon Battle Ready All Regions National Pokédex Pokemon of your choice and if you want it shiny 6IV Best Nature, Best EVs trained, PP Max, Level 100.

    • You need to have 1 or more pokemon for trading.

    • You need to be online on festival plaza for the trade.

    • These Pokemon are 100% Authentic, they can be used in online battles, deposited in Pokébank or traded in GTS without problems.

    • You can customize IVs/EVs/Level/Movesets/Nature/Item/ as long as legal.

    • The following Pokémon are shiny locked and cannot be shiny!
    • All Sun and Moon Legendaries
    • All Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts
    • Hoopa
    • Volcanion
    • Genesect
    • Kyurem & Some Others
    Asking 200pc for custom Normal legendaries, 300pc for custom shiny legendaries and 150pc for event Pokemon.

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