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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by doulie, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. doulie

    doulie King of the Ring Staff Member Admin Team XIT

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    So whats this place about? Well its a competitive Pokemon community with a bunch of awesome people, and then so much more.

    After you register, get started here.
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  2. Cheza

    Cheza Administrator Staff Member Admin Team Elite Will Not Fall Trusted Seller Smaug Journalist Friendzilla Donor

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    I love PerfecPokemon.com because of the awesome community we have compared to other Pokemon sites I've been apart of.

    The Shout Box on the main page of the website is a great place to meet new friends and become a well known community member, it's were I hang out most often! :D

    PerfectPokemon is also one of the few places you can go to find those rare events you've been looking everywhere for and not trade away everything you own! :p

    If you need help with anything don't be shy to ask me or another staff member, we work hard to make your experience at PerfectPokemon.com as perfect as it can be!
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  3. Dom

    Dom The People's Champ Staff Member Admin Let It Reign Trusted Seller Journalist Friendzilla Donor Iron Will Team Nova

    I came here to run a shop and make some money, I quickly grew to love the community and the site itself. I started battling more and entering tourneys, I try to get in every other Sunday because they're always really fun whether you win or not!

    Joining a team and working your way up the ranks is great and it gives you a sense of achievement , the shoutbox is a great place to meet people and the forums are a great place to get deals done fast and efficiently!

    Whether you need dex fillers, competitive mons, or events you can find what you need in the shop section!

    There are many great aspects of the site and each person has a favorite, Be sure to find yours and ask for help if you need it, i'll be around!
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  4. Krelbit

    Krelbit Guest

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    The community is nice but dom made me cry once he's a bad guy
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  5. sebesmos

    sebesmos Meme Queen Staff Member Mod Trusted Seller Journalist Friendzilla Donor Team Quasar

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    I only meant to stop by and grab a shiny for my own birthday and ended up becoming the powerful Meme queen and elder mod everyone knows and loves today. :Oldman:

    I haven't played Pokemon competitively in months and have no intention of leaving this site. The community is great and the staff I work with our a dedicated group who are always going to be making this site better by the day!

    The only downside is you'll rack up your data plan when you get addicted to talking in the shoutbox. ;)
  6. notsoclutch

    notsoclutch Rare Breed Let It Reign Battler Donor Team Nova

    I came here looking for an iron head Excadrill and stayed for the amazing community. Perfect Pokemon has a lot going for it and I have to admit that I spend far too much time here.
  7. BlazeVGC302

    BlazeVGC302 Youngster Joey

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    i joined for money. never got it. quit. came back for free pokemon today. never got them. gonaa play doubles ou tourney and quit again.
  8. Brock

    Brock Administrator Staff Member Admin Will Not Fall Trusted Seller Smaug Tournament Coordinator Journalist Battler Friendzilla Donor Dex Contributor Iron Will Team Nova

    Perfect Pokemon is a great Site with a friendly community I noticed this before I joined the people here are just amazing in one way or another its like the Site has a filter to attract the great members we have I also never had a bad experience here and have no plans on ever leaving.

    I find it overwhelming all the opportunities, games, and events we get to be apart of like Gym Challenges or even host the site welcomes new ideas and I always do anything I can including being apart of projects to benefit Perfect Pokemon :)
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  9. Strawberries

    Strawberries Captain Mc. Salt'n Journalist Donor Team Leafwind

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    I have to say, I only came to the site just to check it out, and now I love it here and the awesome community it is. I have never seen another pokemon just as great as this one!

    I've been here for a couple months and have no intention of leaving! The community is awesome and I've meet lots of cool people. I have fun battling and trading, and overall I good time.

    Whenever I'm in a rush I can also just buy all my needs in the shop section!

    I definitely recommend this amazing site to all pokemon players, from competitive veterans, to people just casually playing the game!!
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