Trading Profile of Giovanni

  1. He made me a banner that will make my brother very happy.

  2. Gave me an image that I love to death. Thank you very much Andrew.

  3. Cut me a deal and a half.

  4. I love his shop so much. He did a pokemon on the house.

  5. I love his shop. McCloud gives great deals and is a cool guy.

  6. Amazing, did my pokemon over and I love it.

  7. Amazing Pokegenner. The last one yes, but the best one still.

  8. She is amazing. I am happy with my pokemon. She offered me a jaw-dropping deal.

  9. Amazing genner, I could not get these event pokemon without him.

  10. Best seller, please buy from Doomfaller. He also is a sexy person in real life.

  11. Got my Lapras!!! It is perfect!

  12. Fast and very friendly.

  13. Great service, an expert in genning. He is the best on this website at genning.

  14. He is legit, fast, and cheap.

  15. Best breeder and best trader on the site. Buy only from the Sandwich.