Trading Profile of Rommulox

  1. very fast

  2. Awesome seller, very reliable and friendly, definitely recommended!

  3. Awesome guy

  4. He's the best in this community!

  5. I would difinitely do trade/buy again. Made my first pokemon purchase easy :)

  6. very fast and not a bad price thank you

  7. Awesome service as always! I won't hesitate to buy again.

  8. Fast, Polite, And has wonderful products ;D

  9. Fast trader, amazing person.

  10. Great, fast transaction

  11. Top seller. Really went out of his way to ensure a quick trade, too.

  12. Extremely fast and reliable will definitely use again.

  13. The best perfectpokemon provider! always get me wat i need very fast! #BEST!

  14. Aweseome Seller & Really fast! :D

  15. Very friendly, very fast, awesome service.

  16. I got what i wanted even though i sent the PC early. 100% reccomended

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  18. recommended seller

  19. Always gets me exactly what I want. :D

  20. Fast, polite seller. I highly recommenced.

  1. Nice and friendly, quick payment, smooth trade. Would trade with again. :D

  2. He bought a bunch of shinies from me, great customer! :)

  3. Bought a Greninja and Talonflame. Quick and easy transaction. Thanks a bunch!

  4. Quick and easy trade. Recommended Buyer. :D

  5. Had numerous transactions and they all went perfectly. Recommended buyer. :D

  6. Bought Entei and Manaphy. Transaction went smoothly. Recommended. :)

  7. Bought a Dawn Stone. Transaction went smoothly. Would trade again. :)

  8. Fast transaction, nice and smooth. Thanks! :D

  9. Bought my Keldeo. Fast Transaction. Went smoothly. :D

  10. Sold him Kee and Maranga Berries. Trade went smoothly. Quick payment too. :)

  11. Bought a Blazikenite. Transaction went smoothly. Recommended customer. :)

  12. He bought a ditto. Paid quickly and traded without any problems. :D

  13. Quick payment, nice and friendly. Recommended Buyer.

  14. Paid quickly. Nice and Friendly. Recommended Buyer. :D

  15. Gotten him lots of stuff. He pays quickly and has no problems. Recommended buyer

  16. Recommended trader, everything went smoothly. Would trade with again. :D

  17. Sold him a ditto and the trade went smoothly. :D

  18. Trade went smoothly. He paid quickly and the transaction was nice and pleasant.

  19. Trade went smoothly. He was patient until we managed to trade. Recommended. :)

  20. Pokegenned him some pokes, trade went smoothly. Recommended. :)