Trading Profile of sebesmos

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  2. ABsolutely amazeballs

  3. Great person :) !

  4. Sebe is very responsive and reasonable. I'd highly recommend buying from her!


  6. Great fun thread, really liked the randomness in it and the poster was realiable

  7. Good, fast trade. Satisfied with what I recived.

  8. Quick transactions and good services +2

  9. awesome and quick <3

  10. Very quick and easy transaction, also recommended +1!

  11. great deal on items and very quick fast service very reliable! :)

  12. She is amazing. I am happy with my pokemon. She offered me a jaw-dropping deal.

  13. very fast and cheap must buy :D

  14. she is one of the best sellers she's an amazing and a positive person :)

  15. amazing quick exactly perfect :) will buy all the time :)

  16. The banner was amazing! Beautiful artwork! Thanks Sebe!

  17. OverlyNiceSeller <3

  18. Speedy transfer, fair prices, why haven't you bought anything yet, reader?

  19. Sebe is a great seller! Definitely a go-to person for consistency and efficiency

  20. best seller ever

  21. Cute EV Trainer

  22. Was very patient, even with my noobiness of Genning.

  23. Amazing artist, and has amazing prices! (attractive too lol)

  24. Very fast sale thank you for the Taillow :)

  25. Got the items I wanted fast and at a low price! Very polite service, Thanks! :D

  26. My banner looks amazing thank you so much Sebes, you rock.

  27. Sebe is awesome! Really helpful and nice.

  28. Awesome buyer! :)

  29. Awesome EV trainer :) Great Service & Fast Speed :)

  30. Paid quickly. Nice and Friendly. Recommended Buyer. :D

  31. Just a Straight up awesome person :D and a great person to buy from very quick!!

  32. She tries to get your pokemon back to you as soon as possible!!!

  33. Quick & easy transaction thanks shelbie <3

  34. Thanks for the trade!

  1. 10/10 !

  2. Very patient buyer - waited while I restarted and configured router

  3. Positive buyer! Couldn't sell to him the day he asked initially, and still happy

  4. A patient and cooperative buyer, super nice throughout our entire interactiion!

  5. Loyal customer and still great to work with

  6. Was positive throughout our whole interaction and paid when asked to.

  7. A wonderful and patient buyer. Waited for me through my final exams. :)

  8. Great buyer. Patient and consistent.

  9. A great buyer. New to the site but great attitude and determination.

  10. Always a good buyer, as well as a great seller.

  11. Still learning to gen, but a very polite seller. Owned up to his mistakes.

  12. Great GREAT buyer, always positive and pays well and on time.

  13. Prompt service, cheap price! Thanks!

  14. Asked for an item and agreed to it, then went to someone else.

  15. Gave me the appropriate pokes with the exact specifications I asked for. :D

  16. Was prompt with pay, and had good communication with details of training

  17. Trustworthy buyer. Quick sale, efficient trade, great communication. No problem

  18. Always gets me exactly what I want. :D