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    1. Jul 13, 2016 exhalo
      Chaos described in one simple word; Awesome! :)
    2. Jul 1, 2016 FlameDrake
      Since I've joined this site, Chaos has been nothing but friendly, engaging and helpful in delivering great pokemon. Every service has been filled timely and accurately which keeps me coming back!! Thanks Chaos for all your help :)
    3. Jun 29, 2016 Wonderbass2
      I would like a mew
      1. Chaos
        Chaos Jun 29, 2016
        Sure, 100 PC total. :)
    4. Jun 26, 2016 Ezrool
      Hello, a question.. Uhm, how much would you want for a battleready shiny hoopa? With life orb and custoom attacks? :)
      1. Chaos
        Chaos Jun 26, 2016
        Hello, 200 PC. :)
      2. Ezrool
        Ezrool Jun 26, 2016
        Really? Not more? That's awesome... I'll look after another pokemon then since I'll have 500 credits... And 2 pokemons is 400 pc, and then I'll tip you 100 credits :)
    5. Jun 17, 2016 ryanhcboot
      Excellent fast trading, no problems!
    6. May 6, 2016 Zeeshanmasroor
      Hey there,

      I just joined and wanted to enter the competitive battling scene. I need around 10 pokemon with specific abilities,natures,ivs,moves and evs. How much will they cost?
      I hope for a quick response as I'd like to get them as soon as possible.
      1. Chaos
        Chaos May 6, 2016
        Hello, 3000 PC total. You get them right away, few minutes after I received the payment. :)

        You also get 3 more Pokemon for free for purchasing 10.
    7. Apr 29, 2016 CMADpeeps
      Trade was smooooth as silk and completed faster than expected!
    8. Apr 22, 2016 James92
      Hey thank you for the Pokemon, everything turned out great
    9. Apr 21, 2016 Rene Herrera
      Rene Herrera
      My pinser ability is hyper cutter needed the other one for normal stab
      1. Chaos
        Chaos Apr 21, 2016
        It will get that ability once mega evolve, it can't have that ability while in normal form.
    10. Apr 16, 2016 350zach
      Just starting and you came through clutch. Helped me through everything quick and easy. Now I got a volcanion. Already looking for more pokemon to purchase
    11. Apr 16, 2016 Martin
      Yo I freaking loved Steins;Gate
    12. Apr 9, 2016 TrikWiz
      All traded mon are perfect as usual! Thanks again.
    13. Mar 23, 2016 Shearer
      I knew nothing, and Chaos Walked me through the process, step by step. Thanks heaps, so easy!
    14. Mar 22, 2016 BogB
      Great experience, quick, easy and reliable. Cheers
    15. Mar 20, 2016 YomeGF
      Chaos is fast, reliable, friendly and also helpful giving advice where it's needed. Would recommend Chaos to everyone. :)
    16. Mar 19, 2016 Markyv66
      Chaos was great just did my first purchase off him and he was very easy to work with and very helpful!
    17. Mar 9, 2016 sveneson
      Hi I'd like to purchase around 40 pokemon, how do I inbox you for the orders etc?
      1. Chaos
        Chaos Mar 9, 2016
    18. Mar 3, 2016 FlameDrake
      Fantastic Trade,responsive helpful and friendly :)
    19. Feb 29, 2016 Evicted
      Aamzing Trade, First time buying and it was so smooth
    20. Feb 29, 2016 Cheza
      1. Chaos
        Chaos Feb 29, 2016
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