Community Rules

Please review before posting on the forums.
Golden Rule
General Rules
-Do not Spam
-Do not "cross post"
-Do not use more than one account
-Do not troll, insult or harass other members
-Do not provide inappropriate content
-Discussing Disciplinary Actions
Transaction Rules
-While buying
-While Selling
-Selling Rules
PokeCredits Rules

Golden Rule

Perfect Pokemon Staff reserves the right to ban and delete any account found in violation of the community rules.

General Rules

Any content found in violation of the General Rules will simply be deleted. Depending on the severity of the offence members found breaking the General Rules will be given a warning. Please do not complain if your post is removed because the content is considered inappropriate. Staff decisions on these matters are final. These rules are only a guideline. If the situation arises where we feel the spirit of the rules are being broken or abused, we may take retrospective action on the offender(s). By using this website you agree to the terms of use outlined on this page.

Do not Spam

Spammers will warned, banned or deleted depending on the severity of their spam. Please only reply, or start a new thread if you have something useful to add the forum or conversation. Entire threads or posts containing less than three words, such as "I agree", "OK" and "Me too" can all be considered spam.

Do not "cross post"

You are not permitted to post the same message in more than one forum or more than once in the same forum. Please take care to post your message in the forum or thread for which it is best suited.

Do not use more than one account

One User, one Account. The use of multiple accounts or allowing more than one person access to an account is expressly forbidden. If you want a different username, please contact an Admin. If you are having trouble accessing your account, please contact an Admin.

Do not troll, insult or harass other members

Insults, harassment, flaming, trolling, baiting or other similar abusive behavior towards other members of The Forum will not be tolerated.

Do not provide inappropriate content

Any content (e.g. images, text, video, etc.) that is of a pornographic, extremely violent, repulsive or disturbing nature, or otherwise unsuitable for minors, is expressly forbidden.
While you are strongly discouraged from posting potentially offensive or risqué content, that could be considered unsuitable for viewing at work and school, we understand that in some cases it is of value to The Forum. In such cases you may link to it using a URL tag provided it is both suitable for a PG-13 audience and is accompanied by appropriate warnings. The inline-image feature (IMG tag) must NOT be used for such content.

Discussing Disciplinary Actions

Do not create threads or posts to discuss disciplinary actions taken, by Staff or Moderators, against your account, or the account of another community member. Doing so will result in post deletion and further actions taken against your account. If you suspect that actions taken against your account where done so in error, contact a staff member directly through private message, or using the contact form in the website’s footer.

Do not solicit community members for any commercial purpose.

If relevant to the discussion, you may provide links to appropriate content. Do not solicit Community members to interact with you outside of the Community in an attempt to circumvent this rule.

Transaction Rules

This community prides itself on conducting fair, safe and successful transactions. There is a 0 tolerance policy for dishonesty while buying, selling and trading.

While buying

Always conduct the community forum PokeCredit transfer BEFORE the in-game trade. In the event of a dishonest trade, community moderators can restore any PokeCredits associated with the transfer, after an investigation.

- Fake/troll orders, made with no intention of buying, are ban-able.

While Selling

Always conduct the community forum PokeCredit transfer BEFORE the in-game trade. Mark sold items/Pokemon as "SOLD." Be accurate in your description of the item/Pokemon up for sale. Posting incorrect EV, or IV description of a Pokemon for example, can be considered dishonest and result a transaction reversal and a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban of the violating account.

Selling Rules

- Attempts to sell Pokemon or Items through direct bank transfers, check, Paypal, local meetup or any other method not involving Poke Credits are not allowed in this community. Violating this rule is a serious offense, at an administrator's discretion, your account may be permanently banned and all Poke Credits on your account confiscated
- All credit sales transactions must be at minimum 60 PC per Pokemon, Item or Service sold.
- For your safety, do not conduct Buy/Sell transactions through instant messaging, or the homepage shoutbox

Any attempt to exploit or circumvent the community credits system will result in an immediate ban and deletion of the violating account, and the blocking of any IP addresses associated with that account

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