Quick Tips and Tricks To Earning Poké Credits

A few tips on the best ways to earn Poké Credits

Complete List on How to Quickly Earn Poke Credits

Our goal at Perfect Pokemon is to create a community that meets all your Poké needs, as well as encourage you to become an excited member of this growing community. Our way of saying thanks is to reward your community activity with different ways to earn Poke Credits. Here is a list of tips to help you onto the fast track of earning Poke Credits.

1. Fully updating your profile will earn you 15 Poké Credits.

2. Getting a follower will earn you 1 Poké Credit.

3. Receiving a post like will earn you 1 Poké Credit.

4. Creating a new thread on the forum will earn you 3 Poké Credits.

5. Voting in a Perfect Pokemon Poll will earn you 1 Poké Credit.

6. Making a new post will earn you 1 Poké Credit.

We've also built in various Poke Credits bonuses for members who are active and continuously conduct honest, successful transactions. We would list them here but we think it will be more fun to find these out on your own. You can also buy credits here

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The PerfectPokemon Team
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    Dec 20, 2013
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