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Welcome to my Pokemon Store

Welcome to my pokémon store, I'm Vyft and I am a trusted seller here at Perfect Pokemon. I took an extended break due to in real life but I'm back to serve your needs within the community.

As a Trusted Seller I'll provide you with custom gen pokémon and share with you my knowledge on competitive battling teams. Although you most likely won't find me battling here, I make an effort to participate relentlessly in official online tournaments.

Each pokémon will be specifically tailored to your needs and provided with items.

Pokémon I sell:

- Custom Genned Pokémon
- 6IV Foreign Ditto
- Event Pokémon
- Collection Packages (Eeveelutions, Vivillons, Ditto Natures)

Services I offer:

- Items
- Pokémon Editting

Genning is the method I use to create my pokémon. Genned pokémon are indistinguishable on a data level to legitimately created pokémon and therefore many of my customers have gone on to use them in VGC tournaments and similar. I unfortunately do not offer hand breeding like I did previously as it is very time consuming.

Form for Genning:

Pokemon @ Item
Tera Type:
- Move 1
- Move 2
- Move 3
- Move 4

Pokemon Prices:
400pc per 1 Pokemon
2000pc per 6 Pokemon

Collection Package Prices:
2000pc for 1 Eeveelution Package (9 Pokemon)
4000pc for 1 Vivillon Package (20 Pokemon)
4000pc for 1 Ditto Natures Package (20 Pokemon)

Item Prices:
1 Item per 200pc
6 items per 1000pc

Other Switch Offers:


I can provide on Animal Crossing; bells, items, villagers in boxes. Please inquire about prices as this changes regularly. Bells and items may take a while to collect from my island so please ensure you have adequate time available.


I am on GMT/BST time but am regularly available at all hours, yay for bad sleep. Throw me a message and I will get back to you ASAP with your Pokemon for a trade! Thank you for visiting my store.

Review by Matt Rumsey

Posted on 16-06-09

Happy as :)

Review by Chem

Posted on 15-12-08

thanks for making this order really going a long way

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