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  1. devik
  2. TamBaulder
  3. darkness
    Just started and currently searching for my desired pokemon.
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  4. Daigusto_Ultimo
    I finally created my lab forum! My procrastination is paying off!
  5. JakesGirl814
    JakesGirl814 I Mimic You!
    Always great. I've taken these Pokemon to midseason, regional, and international levels and they have passed hack checks and allowed me to win a few.
  6. Sara Crystal
    Sara Crystal
    How hard it is to get shiny Eevee anyways? Already at 400 in the chain TTuTT
  7. Nitsu Agni
    Nitsu Agni Sara Crystal
    Hey! How have you been? It's been a while since we talked. I was wondering how you're doing. ^_^
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    2. Sara Crystal
      Sara Crystal
      Well unless you wanna use that weavile in competitive than thats pretty pointless to try that hard :D The shiny sucks a lot :O....I was chaining for shiny eevee for to chain of 414 till I got it...female modest :)...became glaceon :) Want all shiny Eeveelutions :D Also was chaining for shiny furfrou and forgot to count and change them and it killed itself after 3 hours:/I was super angry lol :D
      Feb 14, 2018
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    3. Nitsu Agni
      Nitsu Agni
      Feb 19, 2018 at 6:17 PM
    4. Sara Crystal
      Sara Crystal
      Yes, I do know about Masuda method :) That's why I'm still looking for good foreign ditto :) I had a deal with one guy and he couldn't trade that day and he didn't come here since -.-
      Feb 19, 2018 at 8:24 PM
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  8. cfeliciano98
    Just Chlling
  9. xxsxx5v
  10. Devilina
  11. Nitsu Agni
    Nitsu Agni
    Doing well and just starting my playthrough of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Right after I finish up some sidequests in original Sun and Moon.
  12. Sauli
    Here to trade!
  13. Comet
    Looking for an own tempo rockruff (fc 1203-9772-1511)
  14. Nitsu Agni
    Nitsu Agni
    So I missed out on getting the Own Tempo Rockruff, so I’m looking to trade for one, even if it’s breeded. I can give Pokerus in exchange.
  15. pgsdex
  16. Agent Antz
    Agent Antz
    " I beez that D-boy, who infiltrated all dem corporate dudes, they call shots, I call audibles..."
  17. Cainan Corlett
    Cainan Corlett
    New to the site, not here for the mons but to sell em and shit. Been in the genning game since Black and White.
  18. YomeGF
    Not too active on the site, but looking to make some friends I can trade and battle with, just send a message! Also I love Milotic the most.
  19. Barnaby36
  20. Celebi