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  1. Tigerlion
    Need a charmander that has tailwind no need for it to be perfect I'll handle it
  2. Ryan R.
    Ryan R.
    Still grinding... kill me.
  3. Nazomon
    Nazomon Sara Crystal
    Hey if you want to get a quick reply from me concerning trades and whatnot, get on discord and message me there. I'll reply quickly if its there since I get notified on the Discord app on my phone.
  4. superjake356
    Can catch or make any pokemon, just give me the word, and make a deal. NOTE: I only do trades, i don't sell or buy pokemon from anyone.
  5. Omoii
    Cute Pokemon only
  6. Formon
    Formon I Mimic You!
    TRaded with this guy alot of times. Always quick and great service
  7. Henley94
    Henley94 PR4Life
    what do you want for it? ive got a few posts naming all the things i have like shinies, mythical pokemon, i could breed a 6IV pokemon, so name your price and we can talk about it
    1. PR4Life
      By any chance u have a genesect? if not its cool u can trade me whatever
      May 6, 2018
  8. lana rose
    lana rose
    First of all, thank you for giving me to introduce myself. I am lana rose from California.
  9. Liedem
    From scratch to completion.
  10. Liedem
    From scratch, to completion.
  11. XanderPayne02
    Love Pokémon
  12. Zac1297
    Zac1297 Reddrakez
    Welcome to the Site!
  13. Zac1297
    Zac1297 Jacksonbdot
    Welcome to the Site!
  14. Littlebirdie
    I Have a shiny Slowking
  15. Littlebirdie
  16. Littlebirdie
    I like pokemon so much
  17. Zac1297
    Zac1297 Littlebirdie
    Welcome to the Site!
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    2. Littlebirdie
      Thanks im happy to talk about pokemon. my friends dont like pokemon.
      Apr 15, 2018
  18. phoenixking03
  19. Zac1297
    Zac1297 Mikerochip
    Welcome to the Site!
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    2. Mikerochip
      Thank you! :D
      Apr 9, 2018
  20. Beck
    Hey everyone, hope all's been well! If anyone is still around, say hi alright :)
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    3. Jiggly
      why tf is the sb gone? Doulie done me wrong ;-;
      Apr 10, 2018
    4. AceBreeder-Brock
      Apr 10, 2018
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    5. Beck
      Aww you guys it’s been way too Long :/ I’ve been really stressed out with schoolwork, am dying right now. How are y’all?
      May 1, 2018