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  1. OkamiOfFire
    Team Valor rules my village. I mean that literally.
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  2. Arysontechnologies
  3. Zac1297
    Zac1297 Brettk Nowles
    Welcome to the Site!
  4. Stepps
    Stepps AceBreeder-Brock
    Polite and fast! made my experience smooth and easy as a first time buyer!
    updated me on my orders and helped me thru the trade process
    would recommend! 10/10
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  5. Tommaso
  6. Tommaso
    Tommaso I Mimic You!
    Very nice guy gave me 1 extra Pokemon and has very nice prices
    Also a lot and I assure A LOT of patience
    I’ll return
  7. Zac1297
    Zac1297 Giandiul
    Welcome to the Site!
  8. Zaworldo
    I have then club penguin got deleted
  9. Daigusto_Ultimo
    Game development tends to be more difficult than expected yet again.
  10. Zaworldo
    I’m dead inside
    1. Daigusto_Ultimo
      Have you tried living inside? I hear it's comfy
      Jul 26, 2018
  11. Shakve
    FC: 5258-4956-6385 IG: Shakve
  12. Shakve
    Just a boring guy..
  13. Daigusto_Ultimo
    If anyone wants to challenge my gym for the next few weeks it will have to be through showdown, for breeding tips visit my forum profredwood
  14. Vonniker
    Vonniker Briskall
    Happy Birthday!
  15. Vonniker
    Vonniker Detranica
    Happy Birthday!
  16. Vonniker
    Vonniker GreenScizor
    Happy Birthday!
  17. Vonniker
    Vonniker ChubbyUnicorn
    Happy Birthday!
  18. Vonniker
    Vonniker barnmop5
    Happy Birthday!
  19. Vonniker
    Vonniker VenomousZero
    Sorry about that, I'm on now if you're still interested.
  20. Vonniker
    I'm online for another fifteen minutes or so. Message me here if you want to trade.