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  1. OkamiOfFire
    Patiently waiting for the 14th when I *might* get a Deoxys from an EX raid
  2. OkamiOfFire
    SERVER ERROR?! Can someone fix this site? I would like to post a thread, or even reply, but it won't let me! Your site's screaming "Fix Me"!
    1. AceBreeder-Brock
      Hi this has been reported and is being worked on, thx for your patience.
      Nov 12, 2018
      OkamiOfFire likes this.
  3. OkamiOfFire
    I have 3 GO accounts for catching rares and trading for candy. Crap shinies on my main, amazing Mawhile and Typhlosion on the others. Salt.
  4. Vonniker
    I'm on until 2 pm today, if anyone wants to trade.
  5. buckembarnes
    Anyone else having trouble opening a ticket?
  6. OkamiOfFire
    I had to catch a Damp Parasect (which got me a shiny Paras) for HA Graveler . . . procrastinating in hopes of a trade offer
  7. Vonniker
    Online until 2 today.
  8. Rias Gremory
    Rias Gremory
    Sad to see that some of my friends have left this site forever and I can no longer contect them :c
    1. AceBreeder-Brock
      lol lmk who ur trying tog get in contact with I have some ppl still in contact
      Oct 18, 2018
  9. Rias Gremory
    Rias Gremory doulie
    Long time no see! I heard that PP was being moved to a new site like a year or so ago. I also noticed that the chatbox was gone and wanted to know what all was happening!
  10. OkamiOfFire
    I hate selfdestruct . . . Galvanize Graveler is annoying to find, though that useless Power of Alchemy Grimer was easy to get.
  11. FaultierVGC
    FaultierVGC Chaos
    Thanks for the amazing trade! Everything was fast and easy and the communication was friendly =)
  12. OkamiOfFire
    After September 22, I've had enough Chikorita, but I still need a Leaf Guard Meganium in Ultra Moon . . . I hate that little thing (-_-)
  13. OkamiOfFire
    OkamiOfFire Faerium
    Attracted by the Ahri avatar, finding a 3-year lack of activity and a birthday wish from then. Shame you won't see this (probably).
  14. Jiggly
    Jiggly Niqyue
    one of the only members of old that has been on recently, howdy hey :D
  15. minagupta
  16. OkawaTheSawsbuck
    Selling Custom Mons - PM for details
  17. chawla
  18. chawla
  19. Vonniker
    Hi, I'll be online for several hours. Message me if you want to trade.
  20. Gin(Alex)
    favorite pokemon: Eevee, Rowlet and Dragonite