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    Starter of choice?

    Definitely Treecko!
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    Favorite thing about oras

    Definitely the different islands with many Pokemon on them!
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    What's your best bet when battling a tough opponent in ORAS?

    The defenses! Though type is important, if it doesn't have strong defense/special defense, then it won't last long in battle!
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    Favorite shiny?

    I like shiny Tyrunt and Tyrantrum! They're blue, my favorite color!:p
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    Favorite Pokemon Theory?

    Read it already? That was quick! Give you props for that! But yeah, the Porygon-Z Theory is one of my favorites. The theory of Blue's Raticate dying is such a sad one. Good choice, though!
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    Favorite Pokemon Theory?

    Sure! The Porygon evolution Theories are one of my most favorite, so I know a lot about it! Basically, it's like this. You know how each of the Porygon evolution's has something to do with moving through either Cyberspace, Space, or alternate Dimensions? Well, in Porygon-Z's case, it seems that...
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    Favorite Pokemon Theory?

    Hi, everyone! I'm kind of curious about this. What's your favorite Pokemon theory? Mine personally would definitely be the Porygon-Z Theory! I like it since no one really knows for sure what the story behind the Porygon evolution line is except for maybe Porygon from the episode on Porygon that...
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    Fav legendary

    Yveltal or Jirachi!:Cat:
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    Wondertrade wonders

    I once heard of someone who got a Magikarp in Wonder Trade in a Master Ball with the name 'Regret'.:p It was actually pretty funny!:D Though I felt bad for whom ever caught the Magikarp, though!(But it's still pretty funny!:Cat:)
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    In Pokemon,which one do you think is the best and why?

    Definitely Yveltal! I find it extremely cute in Pokemon-amie! Well, either Yveltal or Flygon.:Cat:
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    Dex Navigator shiny chain

    I tried using it, and it worked twice in a row! I think it's fine, but it seems from my experiencing that as long as you meet the same Pokemon at least 200 times in a row, nothing much can interrupt it.:Cat:
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    Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire?

    I love Kyogre, so Sapphire for the win~!:p
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    Permanently Closed (Previous Season) PokéGym Challenge - Guidelines

    Um, where do I find out what all the different clauses are and what they mean? Because the names of the clauses gets confusing, and I don't want to do something against the rules.