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    What's the most useless Pokemon?

    I thought Manaphy had quite a solid niche with access to Tail Glow, high SpA and a decent Special move pool — The whole Phione thing is, I suppose, GF trying out a weird gimmick which they've yet to pick up again. Unown, on the other hand, cannot even learn a single TM!! GF have poured so much...
  2. texextra

    What's the most useless Pokemon?

    Third for Unown, when are GF gonna make it live up to its lore?
  3. texextra

    Favourite Pseudo Legendary

    Tyranitar #1 for the Gojira aesthetic Dragonite deserves a special mention for being the original But ever since newcomers like Metagross and Garchomp came along, the original Dragon has fallen by the wayside slightly Least favourites are Goodra and Salamence, both for the same reasons more or...