1. P

    Closed MasterBall For 80PC

    Get some Masterballs now for 80 PC each! [Pokemon XY/ORAS] FC: 1006 - 2992 - 7946
  2. 0

    LF Mawilite (the mega stone)

    LF the megastone to mawile as ive traded over my old mawile from Black but she can mega evolve and cba grinding BP. i do have sucessfully bred pokemon with HA/natures and high iv's 5/6 but not many or if i can have it for not very much i would be grateful. ive just got ultra moon so am unable to...
  3. Mohware

    Closed Mohware Poke-Mart / Fast / S/M , ORAS, XY / Items / 6iv's / Shiny / Promos

    Check out my Avatar/Sig art shop II FEATURED EVENT II 120pc LYCANROC ● Perfect Ditto's: Nature,Origin Breed-Ready. (70PC/p) ● Custom Pokémon: Customizable Move-set, Origin, Name, Nature (80PC/p) ● Shiny: Make your own Pokemon Shiny! (60PC/p) ● Event-Pokémon: Pokémon you can only get...
  4. N

    Closed Veritas SuMo General Store

    NLVeritas FC:2165-9832-3673 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello guys NLVeritas here. I decided to open a shop for all the items...
  5. S

    Closed Sarah/Alex Megastone Shop (I sell all types of items)

    Hello and welcome to Sarah/Alex Item's Shop My sister and I have a whole bunch of items. Which includes ALL Berry's , MegaStones , Competitive Battle Items , Fancy PokeBalls , Gold Bottle Caps ETC. Here are my pricing Megastones (60PC) Berry's(40PC) Competitive Battle Items (60PC) Gold Bottle...
  6. Bendy

    Closed [OFFLINE] Bendy's Item Shop - Get Any Tradeable Sun & Moon Item Here!

    Hey Guys! I'm Bendy, welcome to my item shop! Here you will be able to buy any tradeable item in Sun & Moon that your little heart desires... and that's about it, not much else to it. A current list of nontradeable items can be found below the prices, I would sell them but the game literally...
  7. R

    Closed Selling 10 items of your choice [Sun & Moon]

    Hello! I'm new to this website, so I need your help guys. This is my first post ever and I'm trying to sell 10 items of your choice in pokemon sun and moon. Name desired items and offer me a fair price. :)
  8. craftsygaming

    Active Craftsygamings ORAS Pokemon Shop! Cheap Custom Pokemon 80PC AND MORE!

    Hello! Welcome to my shop! Here i offer a variety of services from changing balls to creating teams! All services are listed below! Thanks for buying! Custom Pokemon: 80pc Custom Team: 360pc Editing: 60pc Items: 60pc each Add me!: 2122-9764-9428
  9. S

    Closed Battle Points Items for sell.

    Any item you can buy in the battle resort. Prices from 60PC (Minimum cost stated in the rules) to 200PC 2BP Items not. 16BP=60PC 32BP=75PC 48BP=100PC 200BP=200PC All of the items are legally obtained in game. First 30 items are sent in a Female HA(Telepathy) Ralts
  10. S1lentnarwhal

    Active S1lentNarwhal's Shop - Custom Pokémon | Any Game | Battle Ready | Ditto Bundle | Darkrai Special

    Feedback Is Appreciated Current Specials: 1. All Pokémon come with ANY item the buyer desires! Even a Masterball if you want! 2. Arceus Codes Going for 60PC - 3 Left Please Note: ALL requests must be legal and obtainable ingame Custom Pokémon (From any game) - 100PC Your own custom designed...
  11. Chris Baribeault

    Selling Pokemon!

    Selling Pokemon 60 PC each! I'm new and need credits so here it is! Pokémon For Sale: - Ho-Oh Lv. 50 - Regice Lv. 40 - Regirock Lv. 40 - Registeel Lv. 40 - Will do Regi trio for 120 PC, If need be! - - Palkia Lv. 52 - Kyogre W/Blue orb Lv. 78 Thanks for shopping!
  12. Zerro10

    Active Zerro's Item Shop

    Hello! My name is Zerro and i am here to help you fulfill your item needs! Items i have for sell are as follows! Masterballs - 10 Credits each Evolutionary stones (dawn, shiny,moon, fire,etc.) - 25 Credits each Competitive Battle items (life orb, left overs, assault vest, etc.) 30 credits...
  13. Dmhspys

    Exclusive Item Trading

    Hey, I would like to start a system between members of this website to be able to trade exclusive game items to one another. I am pre-ordering sun and moon, I am playing sun as my main game, and I will play through moon for fun. If anyone is doing the same, I would love to trade the game...
  14. Z

    Active Selling various BP + other in-game items

    In addition to the items I already have in my ORAS and XY profiles, I have hundreds and hundreds of BP in the bank to spend on items for you and I take requests. Comment whatever you would like below. Most items will start at 60 PC, as per the site-mandated minimum cost. I am willing to...
  15. Marc

    Closed Marc's Marvellous Market

    The doors for Marc's Marvellous Market are finally open! The rules for the market is nice and simple, Tell me what items you want and how many and I will supply it ASAP! All items start at 60PC and my FC is in my signature **Active between 6:30PM and 1AM GMT usually but occasionally longer**...
  16. Bekhouche

    Active Bekhouche market : 20 pc each

    Hello, I'm Bekhouche here you can get any item you want just for 20 pc each. Pokemon items list : - Team Quasar : buy 2 (1 free) - Others : buy 3 (1 free)
  17. Kaneki

    Closed Kaneki's Affordable Shop - 100pc Customizable Pokemon, Gen VI Legal, Event Pokemon, and Items!

    TEMPORARILY CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS Click HERE to become a Secret Santa! :) Hello, and welcome to my first PerfectPokemon shop! I'm a (relatively) new member to this forum. I will try my best in completing your order as instructed. All pokemon I sell are legal, has a pentagon symbol, and...
  18. Yamidavie

    Closed Closed shop due to age

    Hello thank you for choosing my shop! For all creations I'll be using Pokemon Omega Ruby and (if needed) Powersaves. If you have a problem with your order let me know and i will fix it A.S.A.P. Legal Breeding Requests (Prices Below) Pokemon: Nature: IV's: EV's: Egg Moves (if any): Wanted...