1. M

    Looking for Mythical Pokemon

    I have a lvl 100 Kartana with pokerus (is that a good thing? idk) I'd like Mew Jirachi, or Celebi sorry I'm probably really bad at this. Someone tell me if this pokemon is even worth any of those seeing how they'd seem annoying to get. sorry for awkwardness or stupidity i'm new here My FC-...
  2. R

    Trade Completed I Need 1 Jirachi not Shiny... Trade?

    If You Have 1 Jirachi not Shiny, Please Trade With Me With one of My Good Pokémons I Never Had 1 Jirachi and I Need 1 So Much
  3. OmiousL

    LF: Manaphy & Hoopa. FT: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Darkrai, Shaymin or Arceus

    I'm looking for a Manaphy and Hoopa If anyone has an extra they can spare, I have two extra Arceus (one for each respectively) that I can trade for it. If that doesn't work, I also have each month's event Pokemon that I'm willing to trade for any of those two. Thanks!!!
  4. Glitchy

    Event Shiny Rayquaza, Diancie, Darkrai AND MORE - 100 PC EACH!!

    comment below with which one you'd like! - Celebi - Shiny Rayquaza - Darkrai - Diancie - Jirachi - Hoopa - Shiny charizard - Shiny Gengar - Shiny Mamoswine I also have other event pokemon such as - XY torchic - Pumpkaboo - Dragonite - Sharpedo AND MORE!! let me know if there's one you're...
  5. T

    Active 20th Aniversary Arceus For Sale/Trade

    20th Anniversary Arceus 100PC Will Trade Arceus For (Serious) NATURE Event Pokeball Vivillon Will Trade Arceus For (Serious) NATURE Event Fancy Vivillon I Will Be Adding More Content Soon Enough.. Pokedex Is Almost Finished.. I Also Breed 5 And 6 (iv) Pokemon.. Any Nature You Want.. Message...
  6. T

    Closed Jirachi (Spain)

    Looking To Trade Jirachi Location (Spain) (OT)- GF (ID)- 04016 Level.100 Looking To Trade For Same Trainer And ID Jirachi But USA Location. My Friend Code Is 3926-9144-6553 Add Me If Youd Like To Trade Ill Be Up Most The Night..
  7. Guillermo

    FT 20 Anniversary Jirachi and Celebi

    So I got this 2 Pokés to spare (include Manaphy). I'm looking for either a shiny 6IV Ditto or other event Pokés (Darkrai, Genesect, etcetera). Also have another event Celebi (lv.10). And a shiny Serious Gengar (lv.25) so if you're interested please comment.
  8. K

    Jirachi for PokeDex?

    Have all of the other Hoenn Pokemon, and that one spot missing is driving me crazy lol. I have some Pokemon available for trade but I'm mostly looking just to complete the pokedex, so I can trade it back if need be. I appreciate any help I can get
  9. N

    LF Jirachi, Offering Shiny Yveltal!

    Hello! I've recently gotten back into pokemon with the sun and moon craze, and I'm having a lot of fun on my alpha sapphire game! I'd love to have a jirachi, and I have my shiny yveltal to offer in return, since yveltal isn't my style. Here's the info about it: Shiny Yveltal, level 100 Nature...
  10. I

    Trade Completed Jirachi

    Hello. I'm new to this forum and have no clue what the customs are around here. However, I am currently looking for Jirachi @national dex. I can offer one of the following: Darkrai, Cresselia, Moltres, Zaptos, Articuno, Mewtwo // ImpactX
  11. Arca9

    How much are these worth?

    Hey guys, just wondering how much PC Groudon, Jirachi and Latios go for as i'm looking into buying them in the future. They don't have to be shiny or have perfect IV's, this is purely for Pokedex purposes.
  12. Bekhouche

    LF I need free jirachi

    Hello, I'm wondering if someone can help me! I need Jirachi, its the only one missing in my hoenn dex. I can offer any pokemon in hoenn dex (I don't have any shiny)