Free pokemon for Nuzlocke challenges

Discussion in 'Nuzlocke Adventures' started by Angelamongsouls3, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Angelamongsouls3

    Angelamongsouls3 Pokémon Trainer

    I have free pokemon for those wishing to do Nuzlocke challenges. They are essentially scrap pokemon I don't use and only use as trade material. Because I don't like releasing my pokemon.

    I can also provide a hatchable egg if requested (for those who like to nickname their pokemon). But I will ask 20 pc for each random egg, because I IV breed each egg will have anywhere from 1-6 perfect IVs.
    *you can request a specific nature or a random, your choice*
  2. Blakey

    Blakey Youngster Joey

    So you are giving out scrap pokemon that you would otherwise trade away to people beginning their Nuzlocke challenges?
  3. pokemaster829

    pokemaster829 Youngster Joey Team Magikonch

    i would love some
  4. desertfreak

    desertfreak Pokémon Champion

    Will you still be doing this in november? I'd love to do a wonderlocke of Ultra moon.
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