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OU Scramble tournament signups

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by Huston Rhodes, May 19, 2016.

  1. Huston Rhodes

    Huston Rhodes Youngster Joey

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    OU Scramble
    Please do not sign up if you will not have the time to play enough matches or will be AFK for long periods of time during the 2 weeks that the stage one of the Scramble is going on for.
    1. All matches are best of three(You are allowed to change teams between battles)
    2. This an OU format tournament, if a Pokemon is banned mid tournament the ban is effective immediately.
    3. Record all games by editing your post in the thread, do NOT make a new post.
    4. Disconnects and time outs will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

    Scoring- 5 points for win, -5 for losses
    OU format
    Stage 1 is 1 week, the top player in each flight(subject to change based on amount of players) will advance to stage 2
    Stage 2: 1 week: top players will play in a double elimination top cut.
    Top cut matches must be saved as replays and posted. This tournament is on Showdown only unless there is a reason you cant play on Showdown. ALL cut matches will be on Showdown, as I am going to try to record them for YouTube.

    The tournament will cap at 100 players. First come first served. The tournament will start for you as soon as I place you in a flight. You're welcome to play matches as soon as you're placed, and have fun :)
  2. notsoclutch

    notsoclutch Rare Breed Let It Reign Battler Donor

    If you can some interest going in this, I'll play.
  3. Huston Rhodes

    Huston Rhodes Youngster Joey

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    Thanks. Hopefully I can get at least 20 players
  4. Andrew55555

    Andrew55555 Youngster Joey

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    I'll play
  5. Mystic Merlin

    Mystic Merlin Youngster Joey

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    I'll play too

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