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Pokemon Partylocke!

TrashcanOrcaOct 20, 2015

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    Apr 27, 2014
    I think I've done this before, but never got around to doing it!

    Anyway, this time around. It's a bit different.

    See, it doesn't have to be ORAS, can be fan made games, mmorpgs (to make it more co-op) or something. Imo Pokemmo would be perfect for this.

    I came to think, that, in regards to PokeMMO, we could all split up into four-people groups.
    (depending on how many want to join this.)

    And considering people's timezones. We pick a time and day, to do this. And do it everytime on that partiuclar day.

    I'm going to tweek the original rules so here,

    1. You must, either pair up with a partner via Party-link in Pokemmo and race the opposing team.

    2. At each checkpoint, like say, Gym 2. You fight the opposing team either in a multi battle (if it doesn't have the feature then 1 on 1 and report back the results, or simply watch after your own match. As it has a spectating ability.)

    3. Whoever the winner is, must cough up money (as it is a fight.) and give one valuable item. We can decide on what the cash limit is.

    4. There is a winner! It is whoever wins the most battles at the final checkpoint, or if the final checkpoint is before the Champion, the winner is whoever beats the Champion first. Ties are broken with battles.

    The fun thing with Pokemmo, that it has the Kanto and Hoenn region availible.

    If you've never played PokeMMO or even heard of it, it is a mmorpg that uses the firered and emerald roms to make a co-operative game.

    Party-Link, i'm pretty sure it puts you in a party with your chosen partner. I'm not entirely sure as i've not used it before. It is a new feature as far as I know.

    Checkpoints, we can also decide on what checkpoints will be placed.

    Well, I hope you all want to try it! So I hope to see your comments!

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