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  1. Who Are We?

    We are Team Prism, a team dedicated in building the strongest and closest community we can.

    Here's a link to the team's page

    Our Community Guidelines and Regulations(Must read before joining)

    Why Should You Consider Joining?

    Here at Team Prism, we want to do just one thing that very few teams are getting right: Forming a connection with each member. @Khalei Vi and myself
    believe that the strongest foundation for a team can be built with a community that has the strongest bonds. Communication and Community are paramount for us to succeed. There are no small roles here, just big hearts. If you are looking for a community of Try-Hard competitive battlers, Gamers, or a place to hang out with personalities of all types, we're just what you're looking for.


    The only thing we require is for you to be active and dedicated, participate in the community and you will thrive here.

    What Can We Give You?

    • An incredibly awesome and active community
    • Unique banners(In Development)
    • Discounts at our shops
    • Access to Weekly tournaments and Team Events
    and much more once we have more ideas.

    So, if we sound like a team you would be interested in, Feel free to send a request to join. We will be happy to have you

    - @AndromedaNexus & @Khalei Vi
    Leaders of Team Prism
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  2. EroPan

    EroPan Youngster Joey Team Prism

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    I request a place in your Team.
    For the moment, I may not have training skills but i will do my best to improve my techniques.
  3. Khalei Vi

    Khalei Vi Pokémon Champion Team Prism

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    Feel free to click the team link above to place an application with us! We'd be happy to have you <3
  4. Angelamongsouls3

    Angelamongsouls3 Pokémon Trainer

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    I have pokemon and knowledge I can share. Would like to sell 5iv pokemon as well. I breed pretty much anything I can get. I have a wide variety of pokemon and hidden abilities
  5. Yuki Monroe

    Yuki Monroe Youngster Joey

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    Hey umm can I be a member I have qualified all the above requirements I guess
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