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  1. Khalei Vi

    Khalei Vi Pokémon Champion Team Prism

    Welcome to Team Prism!
    Just as with any other team, we have rules that we expect you to follow. The rules are non-negotiable and will be punished upon breaking. The expectations below are what we are looking for in our leadership and for members to maintain activity and to progress in ranks within the team. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please refer them to @Khalei Vi and @AndromedaNexus .


    Violation of the rules will be met with 1) Verbal warning, 2) Temporary ban from Hipchat and team activities, 3) Demotion and/or removal from the group. The leadership reserve the right to adjust the rules to meet the needs of the team at any time.

    • Be respectful of all site members, regardless of rank or team affiliation
    • No unsportsmanlike conduct
    • No shady/dishonest business practices
    • Follow the rules of the Perfect Pokemon site: Link

    Member Expectations

    As a member of Team Prism, this is what we, the leadership, will expect from you. Following these expectations can lead to promotions and special gifts such as a custom bred/trained pokemon. Not doing at least some of these things may lead to removal from the group for inactivity.

    • Be active within the Hipchat/Shoutbox, being seen at least once a week (please notify leadership of extended nonavailability)
    • Be attentive and respond to team related events and messages, within reason
    • Participate in at least one event a month, site or team related
    • Abide by the rules of both the team and the site

    Leadership Expectations

    Just as we have expectations of you, the following are what we expect of ourselves as we lead and direct the team towards a strong future. If you, yourself, would like to become part of the leadership, you must be willing to abide by everything listed below along with what is already expected. There are limited spots available for leadership roles. Promotions will be determined by shown loyalty to the group and following and surpassing the rules and expectations listed when positions become available. Those that are already leadership can be demoted if they are unable to hold to the below expectations.

    • Be active within the Hipchat/Shoutbox, being seen at least twice or more a week (please notify leadership of extended nonavailability)
    • Stand as a shining example of the team in word and deed
    • Participate in team wars
    • Assist in organizing and hosting team related events
    • Be available for member complaints and questions during the time spent online the site and hipchat
    • Be fair and impartial in judgement
    • Be available for periodic meetings among the leadership
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  2. Let me reiterate how important voicing your concerns to us is; we are here to help you with anything related to the team and beyond. And we can only help you if you let us know :3. We look forward to working with all of you who decide to join.

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