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    As I'm sure some people are aware there is a Charizard 7-star raid coming,
    December 1, at 4:00 p.m. PST to December 4, at 3:59 p.m. PST.
    December 15, at 4:00 p.m. PST to December 18, at 3:59 p.m. PST
    Completing the raid will allow us to catch one of these beasts.

    charizard Raid.png
    (This is the information we can assume from the news about this raid.)

    After looking at the available pokemon we have to challenge this raid, I think Azuimarill will be the best suited. I have put together a build that I think may be best suited to the raid.

    This Build allows us to be completely immune to dragon moves and dish out STAB fairy damage while also limiting the damage from fire types, leaving only flying-type attacks that hit for STAB-neutral damage.

    While terastallized we lose the resistance to fire returning it to STAB-Neutral damage. But we do gain the extra damage boost to our fairy Play Rough and Tera Blast this should only really be used to help destroy the shields that tera pokemon summon.

    This pretty much summarises the builds advantages.

    Now I'll go into some of the more in-depth choices like moves and items.

    First, this is clearly a physical build to take advantage of huge power, hence the adamant nature and all physical moves We would mostly be using Play Rough to deal damage taking advantage of our STAB typing or when terastallized either continuing to use it or switching to Tera Blast.
    (tera blast changes between physical and special based on the pokemon's highest stat.)

    I included Belly Drum as it sharply increases attack and if used turn one and after stat resets may allow us to do a lot more damage but I'm not 100% on using it as the 50% health cost may be too high in the raid to make the attack buff worth it.

    Ice Spinner is a solid ice move to hit dragon with while also being a terrain remover if that ends up being any sort of problem.

    The Item choice of Metronome was mainly due to a lack of options, while choice items might be good it would make belly drum useless and could have other potential drawbacks with weird moves like torment or running out of PP.

    Metronome gives a +20% attack buff every time you use the same move in a row up to a max of 100%. so after 6 Play Roughs in a row, we will be dealing 100% more damage for every Play Rough after. This will give us a lot more damage while allowing us to pivot to other moves if needed or for setup.
    (I wanted to use Pixie Plate for 20% fairy buff all the time, but you need to have Arceus in the game to obtain any of the plates.)

    For Stats, I basically just dumped EV into Atk & S.Def as Charizards move pool and stats work best for it as a Special Attacker but if it does end up a physical sweeper for the raid I'd swap the S.Def & Def EV's instead.
    (Based on the speed of each pokemon it's unlikely we could even outspeed with max speed EV so I have neglected that stat in favor of S.Def.)
    (Update 1 - 24/11/2022 6:38AEST)
    So a new idea for a build caught my eye while I was reading some Twitter.
    Someone mentioned that Dachsbun's Well-Baked Ability makes it immune to Fire attacks, so I put together a build. it's very similar to Azumarill being a fairy-type physical attacker so there isn't as much to say.

    I'll just outline the key points this time.

      • Misty Terrain - may be replaced with anything if everyone's bringing fairy types otherwise it helps make everyone immune to dragons regardless of type.
      • Swap EV from S.Def to Def if Charizard ends up physical.
      • May be weaker than Azumarill if Charizard uses steel move often but is immune to fire so will depend on the move pool and AI.
      • Draining Kiss + Metronome can be a cheese strat for doing massive damage while also healing yourself if this turns out to be a big thing for Charizard it might be better to change to an S.atk nature and EV spread.
    That's about it for this update, if any other things pop up before the Charizard event I'll add them to the post.

    I have also bred some Azurill with Adamant, 5iv, and Belly Drum. Right now I only have like 2 extra but will bread about 10 and maybe give them away soon. I may also breed some Dachsbun as well, I got pretty lucky a couple of days ago and got a 6-star ditto raid with 5iv -s.atk basically ideal.
    Ok, I think that about covers everything I thought of for the upcoming 7-star raid.
    Feel free to leave any suggestions or ideas for another pokemon, I'm all for optimizing this to make it an easier raid to complete for people to farm items and obtain a Charizard.

    Thanks for reading my rambling write-up for the upcoming raid.
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  2. doulie

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    actually excited for this
  3. Brock

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    Excellent thread of compiled details. I agree Azumaril would be the best pick for those competing.
  4. Dragoose

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    I have made an update to the post including a second build for Dachsbun for the raid. :)
  5. Mirai

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    i am quite excited for this, i just hope they patch some of the raid bugs before hand.
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