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Merciless ZuluDec 9, 2017

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    Feb 22, 2015
    I'd like to make a request to get some help with my monotype team.
    I found a team on Smogoon and I'd like to have it modified to fit my playstyle. Here's the team.

    I want to make this team to be very aggressive right from the start of the match. Essentially if you've ever played street fighter I want Akuma.

    Here are the roles for each pokemon
    So this team was built around Burn Up Arcanine, so lets get into it. Basically a must on every Fire Team is Torkoal, as it provides Stealth Rocks to allow you to get chip damage against opposing teams, and to help your sweepers out. Torkoal also gives your team a Rapid Spinner which is appreciated on Fire Teams since they are generally weak to entry hazards, especially Stealth Rocks as it takes out half of Charizard and Volcaronas health upon entry. Then yawn is to just force your opponent to switch out and Lava Plume is just appreciated STAB to get off damage. Next we have Mega Charizard X, a really good set up sweeper this gen as long as you set up on the right things, after one Dragon Dance Charizard is a force to be reckon with. Dragon Claw, Earthquake and Flare Blitz are all moves to just sweep with and get off damage. Another set-up sweeper that i added on this team is Quiver Dance Volcarona with Firium-Z, like Charizard after one Quiver Dance its really frightening to be up against, Hidden Power Ground can be used instead of Giga Drain for things like Heatran, but if you look at the team we already have Infernape, Charizard and Volcanion that can take care of that, plus your better off running Giga Drain for recovery. Scarf Infernape is really good this gen, Outspeeds many things and is good to not get swept by faster threats like Nihilego. Lastly Balloon Volcanion, since this team is really weak vs ground and it gets access to Water STAB and Grass Coverage.

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