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Anyone else annoyed by the customisation options (or lack thereof) in this game?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon' started by Monique, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Monique

    Monique Youngster Joey

    I was wondering why I couldn't find any blue clothes in Sun and now I just found out why. :/ locking half of the customization options to one version so that players of the other game can't get them, yeah real smart Game Freak. Not to mention the dye shops for festival plaza are next to impossible to find, and when you do finally get one, it is EXTREMELY expensive to dye clothes. 100 FC per item, are you serious? I barely even have 300 FC so far, and given that all the other shops require FC too, I really don't want to spend huge mounds of it all in one go! How do you mess up customisation this badly when you did it so well in X and Y? Surely it should have improved, not gone backwards! Am I missing something here? Please tell me that I'm missing something here.

    Sorry if this is unpopular opinion, the clothing customisation was one of my absolute favourite parts of X and Y, it just feels kind of ruined now.
  2. mogutif

    mogutif Pokémon Trainer

    Ikr, it's annoying. At least you get the Team Skull uniform.
  3. Furettonzolo

    Furettonzolo Youngster Joey

    Aaand how do you get the Skull uniform?
  4. Tcherri88

    Tcherri88 Pokémon Trainer

    Beat champion. Go to Po Town Pokémon center. Talk to grunts running center. They sell it to you for 10000 pokedollars
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  5. Kalzran

    Kalzran Youngster Joey

    I was a little disappointed, mostly because the customization options (clothing-wise) in X and Y are so good.
  6. texextra

    texextra Youngster Joey

    I, for one, have really enjoyed all the customisation in SM! Now… what irks me is interacting with your Pokemon, which is fun, makes the game a lot less challenging, which is not so fun.

    But that's off topic — I'm really into the customisation, more so than I was in XY

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