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Attempting to build a breeding stock

Discussion in 'Pokémon Strategy Guides' started by Combustiblelimes, May 8, 2015.

  1. Combustiblelimes

    Combustiblelimes Pokémon Champion

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    Hello! I'm think about getting into breeding.

    I want to build a breeding stock that makes it easier to breed mons. Pokemon that can learn a lot of egg moves, in the right egg group for the mons that would use that move; things like that.

    I understand that this will be a lot of work to capture and breed. I just want an idea of where I should start. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. AceBreeder-Brock

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    A breeding stock yeah first you should obtain the pkmn/abilities/natures/egg moves that are popular among users too make it easier to breed pkmn with specific traits such as a ditto with every nature to obtain these you can trade pokes through feature like GTS and Wondertrade or use other methods. You can check the link here for pkmn that are in multiple egg groups you'll be able to breed together and hopefully pass the egg move here
    Good Luck :)
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  3. Strawberries

    Strawberries Captain Mc. Salt'n Journalist Donor

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    I would recommend starting off with a buch of 6iv dittos all with commonly used natures. Also sychronizers can help. You also gennerally want the pokemon with the ability you want to be the mother.
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  4. Nonny

    Nonny Pokémon Champion Journalist

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    Wonder Trade has been very kind to me in terms of breeding stock. I've gotten lots of foreign 4-5 IV breedjects by trading late at night. Great for Masuda Method breeding.

    It's relatively easy to breed 6IV babies if you have good parents and/or use the time machine method. I have 6IV males in a few different egg groups for all-purpose stat breeding. The biggest egg group is Field. Pretty much every poke that resembles a quadrupedal mammal is in there.

    As for egg moves? There's really no catch-all there. What egg moves you want really depend on what specific Pokemon you want to have them. Usually, I breed for one poke in particular, and then find out that one or two of its egg moves would be useful on another poke, so I breed for that, etc. But just about everyone appreciates access to recovery moves that don't come with Rest's sleep drawback.

    Edit: Found a list of recovery moves on Serebii.

    Edit 2: Get a male Smeargle. Sketch means it can learn almost every possible move, and it's in the Field egg group, so there are a ton of pokes that can inherit from it.
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