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Elite Four (SoIidSmok3) OU Leader - Issue challenge here

Discussion in 'Elite Four Challenge' started by SoIidSmok3, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Ya like blaze said, you will need to go and win at least 8 gym badges before you can challenge. Beware the elite 4 are far more competitive than gym battles.
  2. PC Principal

    PC Principal Pokémon Trainer Will Not Fall Battler

    It's about to go down. Rematch.
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  3. Dam that was a close battle
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  4. PC Principal

    PC Principal Pokémon Trainer Will Not Fall Battler

    Battle me
  5. Alright, ive been busy workn, but im off tues and wed nights if im lucky. Il try my best to meet up with u if possible.
  6. I like to challenge you :p
  7. Dreadpool

    Dreadpool Youngster Joey

    Why do we use a different OU tier list than Smogon? Smogons is balanced pretty well
  8. Aright il try to get these battles in asap
  9. G

    G Youngster Joey Will Not Fall Battler Dex Contributor

  10. Let me no of a good time u and i can meet up[/QUOTE]
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  11. AceBreeder-Brock

    AceBreeder-Brock Administrator Staff Member Admin Will Not Fall Trusted Seller Badge Smaug Tournament Coordinator Journalist Battler Friendzilla Donor Dex Contributor Iron Will

    Heya I got 8+ badges thus I challenge you for your color of the elite 4 badge :D
  12. GG

    Challenges and rematches are open.

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