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Hello - Noob here.

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Purriah Sol, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Purriah Sol

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    Hey everyone, I've beaten 4 Pokémon titles and have gotten to a 40 streak on battle tree with my own team, and want to do much better. I've been playing for about a year on and off. Beat red on VC, emerald and fire red on emulator, and Moon on 2DS. I'm here to build some serious teams and be competitive.

    TLdR: I've beaten campaigns and now wanna be the best like no one ever was.

    Any tips at all are appreciated.

    I understand basics of team building from the internet but that's about it.
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  2. True Blue

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    I usually stick with Smogon Ubers like Xerneas, Mega-Gengar and Primal Groudon with max IV's and optimal EV spreads. But sometimes it gets boring using the same team over and over again, so sometimes I make a team just for fun and see how long I can survive (or frustrate a random online hehehe). Smogon + Pokemon Showdown will help you learn what is good and what isn't if you haven't really dove into those yet.
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