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I finally found this website!

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by LeeksyChan, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. LeeksyChan

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    Wow this is awesome. Wish I found this website much sooner.
    My name is Leeksy (IGN) I've been playing Pokemon since gen 2 (Silver was my first game.) I love breeding perfect pokemon and I have had a 6IV Ditto since XY that I breed off of. Even though I breed lots of cool and strong Pokemon I don't do much battling because I'm not the best at it. Sometimes I build a team and try it out but I usually don't get far but I still have fun. Perhaps some experienced battlers could guide me! I love dark types and breed lots of dark types and hunt shiny dark types (I do branch out though). Sometime I hope to put up a dark type shop on here once I'm more acquainted with how things work on here.
    I need some FCs for friend safari in X because I deleted friends off my list a while ago and lost lots of safaris (I wasn't thinking, bad mistake.) I use friend safari to get HA pokes.
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    welcome to the site!
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    Welcome, I'm new here too so I can't help you very much but I just wanted to say hi.

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