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Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Perfect Pokémon' started by Dandrone, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Dandrone

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    mew_dragoart.jpg mew_dragoart.jpg

    Im Dandronep You probably don't know me, but i hope you will get to know me!
    I'm a new & hope I can become on of your to go guys for pokemon.
    Im 19 years old , and been a fan of pokemon since Pokemon Yellow

    Guarenteed Satisfaction

    ● Perfect IV Ditto's: Ditto with a Nature and Origin of choice!(60PC/p)
    ● Custom Pokémon: Customizable Move-set, Origin, Name, Nature,....
    ● Battle Ready (BR) (80PC/p)
    ● Professional VGC & Competitive Teams: Rebuild teams from VGC
    Price: 1 Full Team (Includes 6 Pokémon) = 360PC ( If you order 2 Teams ill down the price to 300)
    ● Event-Pokémon: Pokémon you can only get from events! (120PC/p) ( Buy 5 get 1 Free, Buy 10 Get 3 Free)
    ● Items: Buy 1 get 1 Free (60PC/p
    ) (Z-Stones aren´t Tradable and not all Mega Stones are trade ready yet)
    ● Shinify: Make a Pokemon of yourself Shiny! (60PC/p)
    ● I can prepare a shiny egg for you

    Im also open to requests you can message me about them

    You can use Pokemon Showdown to prepare Teams/Pokemon

    In-game information:
    ● FC: 0490-4757-2774
    Friendlist Name: Retro-Ap
    IGN: Daniel
    Game Version: Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Y.
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  2. TheLittenLord

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    Can I get a perfect IV Ditto?

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