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Closed [ONLINE] BassoTara's Item Shop

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell in game items' started by BassoTara, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. BassoTara

    BassoTara Youngster Joey

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    BassoTara's Genning Service
    IGN: Basso
    FC: 0361-9334-9911

    Hi guys! New user here trying to get into this world to help the community find what they need. I've been selling Pokémon on Reddit lately and had a lot of happy customers! I offer a fast and affordable service, and I'll try to be available as much as possible to quickly reply to your requests.

    Timezone: GMT +1

    Status: Online
    This is my item shop, but I'll apply the same discount as my Pokémon shop:

    First-time customers will get one Pokémon of their choice for free!
    If you leave a feedback you can ask for another free Pokémon of your choice!
    Returning customers will have a discount based on their previous orders!

    Items - 60 PC Each, every 2 you get 1 more for free!
    If you want to request an item, just give me its english name. I'll send it to you as soon as possible attached to a junkmon.

    So, if you've read all of this, you can now submit your requests. I'll try to manage them as soon as possible. I'll inform you when I accept your request. Once a request is accepted, you'll need to wait max 30 mins for it to be processed. You can also visit my Pokémon shop if you need something else!

    Have fun!
  2. HM327

    HM327 Youngster Joey

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    hello. are you available?
  3. Kitgurl66

    Kitgurl66 Pokémon Trainer

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    Hey there, I need a power weight, belt, lens, anklet, bracer, band, and a lucky egg; if you could?
  4. Larryj

    Larryj Youngster Joey

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    Hey! I'm in search of 8 master balls to be sent to ORAS if you have any available?

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