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Pokemon GO Generation Two Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokemon Go' started by mogutif, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. mogutif

    mogutif Pokémon Trainer

    Hey everyone, with Gen 2 of Pokemon GO around the corner, I wanted to know how everyone felt about this, like it, hate it, don't play, still play, etc. Comment beloww!
  2. Beck

    Beck Who is Beck? Trusted Seller Badge Donor

    Don't play it anymore :/ Not especially with being unable to collect stops while at high speeds.

    Anyway, generation 2 would probably get me back playing :) I've completed my dex, making the game absolutely boring for me.
  3. DiabloTurtle

    DiabloTurtle Youngster Joey

    I still play it :) Looking forward to Gen 2-I heard it'll be released within the week <3 (Don't hold me on that though)
  4. MadCow17

    MadCow17 Youngster Joey

    i stopped playing i only played when i was on my way to work or home i never actively went out to hunt pokemon so i fell behind and it got boring for me though with gen 2 i may try it again for a little bit
  5. Becidot

    Becidot Youngster Joey

    I've lost interest in the game because of the pathetic catch rates :c
    i could waste 7+ pokeballs on a 80cp rattata, and a 70cp weedle managed to escape 3 ultra balls
    with that in mind, and with living in a tiny area, the game just started to suck tbh
    BUT, i may give it another go if gen two is coming soon
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  6. Beck

    Beck Who is Beck? Trusted Seller Badge Donor

    Why on earth were you even using Ultra Balls on a 70CP Weedle to begin with? :/
  7. Furettonzolo

    Furettonzolo Youngster Joey

    I feel you, both for the catch rates and the tiny area... i had to go to the closest city, which isn't too close, to level up etc...
  8. shiny luma

    shiny luma Pokémon Trainer

    When they fully introduce gen 2 it may bring some people back but not many. The game is pretty dead and unless the also have some legendary events as well as trading and battling the fan base for this game will just keep getting smaller.
  9. Nazmi15

    Nazmi15 Youngster Joey

    Man can't wait for Gen 2 honestly
  10. Kalzran

    Kalzran Youngster Joey

    I'm excited for gen 2. One of the things I enjoyed at the initial release of the game was how it brought back the excitement of running into every pokemon - something I hadn't felt for close to 20 years. While I'm back to the normal disappointment of seeing pidgeys and weedles, for those first couple weeks, even they were exciting again. I'm looking forward to that feeling again with gen 2.

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