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Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Pokémon' started by Felicia, Sep 1, 2016.

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    Welcome to The Broodmother's Nest
    Here you will be able to purchase 5IV Breedjects all which are 100% Legit. You will not find any genned/hacked/fake pokemon in this shop. So if you like me feel recent towards previously mentioned behaviour THIS IS YOUR SHOP!

    Currently in stock:
    Kangaskhan Adamant Scrappy/Early Bird
    Kangaskhan Jolly Inner Focus
    Litwick Timid Flash Fire
    Froakie Timid Protean
    Charmander Adamant Blaze with Dragon Dance
    Beldum Adamant Clear Body
    Beldum Jolly Clear Body
    Cubone Adamant Rock Head
    Noibat Timid Frisk
    Absol Adamant Super Luck
    Snivy Timid Contrary
    Eevee All Natures Adaptability
    Torchic Adamant Speed Boost
    Chimchar Jolly Iron Fist
    Chespin Impish Bulletproof
    Torkoal Bold Shell Armor
    More to come within short.

    Prices: 100 PC
    Deliverance: Within 24 hours Weekdays

    First 10 Customers Recieve a Lucky Egg with every Purchase

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