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On hiatus. Jan 22, 2017

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Nov 2, 2017
    1. May 4, 2017 GlacierFOX
      Hey, I posted this on another admin's wall, I sent 660 pc to a seller who said they'd be on later that day (this was a couple of weeks ago now) and they never showed and has refused to refund my credits after asking. I can see that the seller has been online since the original transaction and am not sure how to get my credits back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    2. Jan 30, 2017 LucaYasha
      Cheza as a staff member please help, I accidently sent my 10000PC to a dead account (was meant for Chaos, but got sent to ChaosKid14) so I cant get a response please help :(
    3. Jan 22, 2017 Cheza
      On hiatus.
    4. Dec 14, 2016 Element Of Smash
      Element Of Smash
      Good luck on your finals, love!
    5. Dec 8, 2016 Element Of Smash
      Element Of Smash
      Cheza ily <3
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      2. Element Of Smash
        Element Of Smash Dec 8, 2016
        How was Finals? Not too terrible?
      3. Cheza
        Cheza Dec 8, 2016
        I have one more today, and my last one is on the 14th :)
      4. Element Of Smash
        Element Of Smash Dec 8, 2016
        Ewww. The 14th? That totally wrecks the Funky Finals Flow.
        Doesn't matter, though. Because I know you'll nail it anyways!
        Believe in the me that believes in you!
    6. Dec 3, 2016 AlanLSR
      Can i buy custom build Sun & moon 6pokes?
    7. Dec 1, 2016 Mikeyd271999
      Check inbox pls! Thanks!
    8. Dec 1, 2016 broker
      I want buy a ditto bundle, catch me pls.
    9. Nov 27, 2016 Bandit Hadron
      Bandit Hadron
      I'm also awaiting a time when we're both online for a Ditto bundle.
    10. Nov 27, 2016 Puddin
      I'd like to buy a ditto bundle, but keep catching you offline XD
      1. Cheza
        Cheza Nov 27, 2016
        I could trade one off today, the ditto bundle is 1200pc :)
      2. Puddin
        Puddin Nov 27, 2016
        Awesome, just let me know when you're available to knock it out!
    11. Nov 17, 2016 Lady21
      Thank you for such a friendly welcome to the forums!

      Would like to buy some custom pokes from you next time I am looking to buy :)
      1. Cheza
        Cheza Nov 18, 2016
        About that celebration, I'm actually going out tonight with friends, I will party with you in mind. ;) Hype! <3
    12. Nov 16, 2016 gnmmarechal
      Hello sup
      1. Cheza
        Cheza Nov 16, 2016
        Haha hello, what's up?
      2. gnmmarechal
        gnmmarechal Nov 18, 2016
        Not much :D
    13. Nov 13, 2016 Cheza
    14. Oct 17, 2016 MetaRaven135
      Hey, forgive me for my impatience, but I just wanted to ask if you received the messages I sent you regarding the transaction we planned.
    15. Oct 7, 2016 opalust
      Hiiii, I was wondering if you could help me find my SID? >n> no one else wants to help me.
      1. Cheza
        Cheza Oct 7, 2016
        Haha sure, I get home from school in about 2 hours, would that work for you? You'd need to trade me a pokemon caught by you for me to get your trainer information. :)
      2. opalust
        opalust Oct 7, 2016
        I'll be on later tonight when I get off work. (: I'd estimate maybe 9 or 10 or something pm.
    16. Sep 26, 2016 XxevolutionxX
      Hey how are you today? ^_^ I just noticed your reply to my thread "looking to have a super powerful team made" I didn't notice an option to private message you so I figured I would just post here.
      1. Cheza
        Cheza Sep 26, 2016
        Hey, you can private message someone by going to their profile information and clicking "start conversation" :)
    17. Aug 22, 2016 Cheza
      <3 <3 <3
    18. Jun 14, 2016 Szile
      I miss you
      1. Cheza
        Cheza Jun 16, 2016
    19. Jun 7, 2016 Cheza
      Won't be on much for 2 weeks! ;-;
    20. Mar 29, 2016 Cheza
      Going to Dalhousie University!
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