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Mar 2, 2018
    1. Dec 29, 2016 Mgreeners
      Friendly, fast, and clear! Probably the best person ive used on here ^_^

      definatly worth to check this guy out! highly recommended!
    2. Dec 24, 2016 John Cena
      John Cena
      My favorite member most definitely the best service out there. This even could rival @Chaos in my opinion!
      1. G-Unit
        G-Unit Dec 24, 2016
        Thanks so much dduuude !! ^^
    3. Dec 21, 2016 Ravvie
      This guy is the best! Helped me figure out what mons to get and gave me a nice freebie as well. Didn't hurt that the mons came cheap and super fast too, recommended!
    4. Sep 26, 2016 XxevolutionxX
      Hey you replied to my add looking for the super strong team plus the Shaymin. I didn't see any option to message you so I just posted here.
      1. G-Unit
        G-Unit Sep 26, 2016
        Do you still need help lad?
    5. Sep 1, 2016 MasterCheez0324
      Added for the trade. My fc is there :)
      1. G-Unit
        G-Unit Sep 2, 2016
        Hey brotha, ive been slackin but today we can trade !! :D
      2. MasterCheez0324
        MasterCheez0324 Sep 2, 2016
        Alright I'll ne online in around 3 hours (school atm) will you be on then?
      3. G-Unit
        G-Unit Sep 2, 2016
        I think so .... but ill keep your time in mind and ill let you know
    6. Aug 12, 2016 sunnyvince
      i gregness my friend code is 2037-1303-5478, my name is vince by the way
      1. G-Unit
        G-Unit Aug 12, 2016
        Hello Vince !! My friend code is 4656 9584 2933 !!
      2. sunnyvince
        sunnyvince Aug 12, 2016
    7. Aug 11, 2016 galaverna
      Best guy i have ever met!!! Really nice with great deals!! Just love him!!! lol
    8. Aug 11, 2016 Toxioks
      Great man, give me good deals and even offered me a free pokemon in return! Great service, fast and reliable!
    9. Aug 4, 2016 Guillermo
      This man is the best! He helped me when I needed it and offered me a shiny extra poke for nothing! This fella' deserves a cookie.
    10. Jun 22, 2016 Zuku03
      Hi there! I need 2 more pokes i can give shines of course for these 2. If you are available pls look for me. Thanks!
      1. G-Unit
        G-Unit Jun 22, 2016
        Word man, I'm slowly trying to build reputation so thanks for the comment && YES I can help sometime this eve. Ill accept your shiny offers or some PC as well. talk to you soon lad
      2. Zuku03
        Zuku03 Jun 22, 2016
        Yeah i msg you and apologised that it sounds a little bit rude ._. But thanks!
    11. Feb 7, 2016 NidoEmperor
      Hey if you need a good tank check the 5iv avalugg trade
    12. Jan 27, 2016 Zac1297
      Welcome to the Site!
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