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Top Dog, Male, from Georgia, United States

I got a Cyber Save Editor, Japanese 3DS, and Japanese Omega Ruby for Christmas. Genning spree!!!! Dec 27, 2014

TheCreatures was last seen:
Dec 15, 2016
    1. Aug 7, 2016 Cheza
      You live! :O
      1. TheCreatures
        TheCreatures Aug 9, 2016
        I'm back :)
      2. Cheza
        Cheza Aug 10, 2016
        Good to have you back! :)
    2. Jan 3, 2015 The_Coders_Nephew
      Would you be able to gen for me?
      1. TheCreatures
        TheCreatures Jan 4, 2015
        Yeah sure :D Just tell me what you need.
    3. Dec 27, 2014 TheCreatures
      I got a Cyber Save Editor, Japanese 3DS, and Japanese Omega Ruby for Christmas. Genning spree!!!!
    4. Dec 1, 2014 Mega Blastoise Lover
      Mega Blastoise Lover
      Hey, do you happen to know someone named Zach Crawford?
      1. TheCreatures
        TheCreatures Dec 1, 2014
        Um, I think that I have heard that name before. I don't know off the top of my head.
      2. Mega Blastoise Lover
        Mega Blastoise Lover Dec 1, 2014
        Ah, well he introduced me to this site and a couple of other pokemon sites. He said you might be someone to talk with.
    5. Nov 24, 2014 TheCreatures
      Time for the best holiday of the year! Yep, Black Friday. Time for 35% off of a PS4.
    6. Sep 23, 2014 TheCreatures
    7. Sep 1, 2014 TheCreatures
      My Save Dongle arrived today. Everyone who wants cheap genned Pokemon, I will be opening up a genning and powersaves shop later today.
    8. Aug 22, 2014 TheCreatures
      Will be gone for the weekend... Anyone who is buying genned Mons from me, my Dongle will arrive sometime this weekend or on Monday/ Tuesday.
    9. Aug 21, 2014 TheCreatures
      1719-3230-1524 <------ Here is my FC if you ever need it on Mobile Version.
    10. Aug 19, 2014 Matt_192
      Creatures my shoutbox is messed. Bdubo is: IGN: Ben Friend Code: 1736-2272-3108
      1. TheCreatures
        TheCreatures Aug 21, 2014
        Haha, thanks Matt.
    11. Aug 5, 2014 TheCreatures
      Doulie is an Alpaca. Alpacas are awesome. That instantly makes Doulie awesome.
    12. Aug 4, 2014 Giovanni
      Team Officer Jack!
    13. Jul 23, 2014 TheCreatures
      Pokemon is a religion.
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    Georgia, United States
    I gen, breed, and more! (Actually, that's it, I don't have a social life ): )


    [​IMG]"Trap our enemies with nature's abstract"[​IMG]
    ~Team Leafwind
    "Fucking Krelbit"
    Friendcode US 3DS: 1719-3230-1524 - Used for Battling
    Friendcode JPN 3DS: 1392-6958-9834 - Used for Trading

    [​IMG] Check out my Affordable KB/HB Genning Shop![​IMG]
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